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MediGogy was born to help heal our communities through online education. Simple to use yet full of amazing qualities that will cater to most everyone. The dynamic character of MediGogy will change from webinar to webinar depending on the presenter and topic. At one time or another it is sure to become part of your continued ally in your search for deeper knowledge. MediGogy believes in forward thinking while maintaining tradition.

Medigogy Offers:

Medigogy has brought live and recorded webinars to tens of thousands of users and continues to look forward to the future of bringing informative webinars for free to healthcare professionals and the public looking to learn natural approaches to well-being and vitality.

Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer
Helping our patients get pregnant is important, but helping them to deliver healthy, full term babies is our ultimate goal. Fertile women miscarry 20-25% of the time and infertile women miscarry as much as 40% of the time. In the last 15 years I have treated over 7,000 fertility patients using a very specialized intervention that combines in depth BBT analysis, constitutional TCM diagnosis and a modular tincture strategy that has reduced our miscarriage rate to 5%. This course will include a data-driven review of our strategy, including explanations of our unique BBT analysis and diagnostic strategy. It will also explain the intervention strategy, including how we implement modular tinctures as our herbal delivery system.
Jonathan Shubs
All the yang meridians connect in the head. With over 50 acupuncture points and many confusing pathways it is often difficult to diagnose and treat conditions in the head. With this approach you can balance all 6 Yang meridians with only using 12 total needles distributed evenly over hands and the feet. Jonathan offers CEU/PDA/CPD approved courses through Pro D Seminars: Treating Thoracic and Facial Problems with Entry and Exit Points The Treatment of Pain and Other Ailments with the Unified Acupuncture Theory
Eric Brand
Eric Brand will investigate the dosing strategies common in the West, Taiwan, and mainland China, with particular attention to practical issues that effect the everyday clinical use of granules. In recent years, granules have become the most popular delivery form for Chinese herbal medicine in the West. However, while the convenience, portability, and efficacy of granules has revolutionized professional herbal medicine, many practitioners have not been exposed to a systematic discussion of critical issues such as dosage and clinical strategies.
Dan Kalish
The majority of our patients complain about fatigue, weight gain and depression. Join Dr. Kalish as he presents the functional medicine approach to assessing and managing this all too common complaints with reliable and consistently effective lab based functional medicine approaches. We’ll discuss how to test for and successfully reverse adrenal fatigue, the plague of our modern, high stressed times. Through salivary hormone testing for cortisol and DHEA, learn how to see an exact picture of the depth and severity of your patients adrenal fatigue and start to implement protocols using lifestyle changes and supplements to reverse this condition.