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Covid-19: Preventing the Cytokine Storm

Microbiome Labs

* This webinar is brought to you by Microbiome Labs


Covid-19: Preventing The Cytokine Storm

- Presented by Dr. Tom Bayne, DC, President Microbiome Labs

Elevated cytokine activity may be the difference between patients with little to no symptoms and patients with severe symptoms.

In this 90-minute live webinar, participants will learn how low grade systemic inflammation may set the stage for poor outcomes in patients with the coronavirus and how to support a balanced immune response.

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Dr. Tom Bayne, is a Chiropractic Physician and public speaker dedicated to understanding and improving the gut microbiome. As the President of Microbiome Labs, Dr. Bayne travels around the world educating healthcare practitioners on the science of the gut microbiome, its relation to chronic diseases, and innovative solutions to improve the health of patients.

Dr. Bayne’s comprehensive understanding of supplement manufacturing and extensive clinical experience have given him a unique ability to formulate integrative solutions for digestive and immune health.

In 2013, he worked with an elite group of practitioners and researchers to develop MegaSporeBiotic® - the world’s first pharmaceutical-grade, 100% spore-based probiotic. This lead to the formation of Microbiome Labs, where his duties include overseeing research studies and creating innovative products to improve digestive and immune health.

In his own clinic, Dr. Bayne has spent over 24 years helping his patients optimize their digestive health, improve autoimmune conditions, and enhance detoxification. Though he is very active in his role at Microbiome Labs, Dr. Bayne continues to see patients at his clinic, PureBalance Natural Family Healthcenter, in Glenview, IL.


* This webinar is brought to you by Microbiome Labs


Microbiome Labs

Microbiome Labs

The origin story of Microbiome Labs is a classic tale of forging new frontiers, complete with discovery, adversity, and a leap of faith. Neither founder set out on a path to start his own supplement company, but through persistent curiosity Dr. Tom Bayne and Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan stumbled upon an amazing opportunity.

With a rich background in research, Kiran noticed that many supplement companies were lacking sufficient clinical data, which inspired him to design trials that were more affordable and fitting for the supplement industry. He then expanded his skill set into product development and formulation for a number of retail supplement companies. Eventually he was hired to study probiotics and discover what would become the next big probiotic in the industry: Bacillus spores.

Before Kiran discovered the spores, Dr. Tom took a step back from supplement manufacturing and settled into his own chiropractic practice. As his practice began to blossom, he found himself on the forefront of Functional Medicine, uniquely focused on his patients’ gut health. For years, probiotics had proven so ineffective and inconsistent that he eventually quit using them in his practice altogether – that is, until he saw the research that Kiran had uncovered.

With Dr. Tom’s clinical expertise and Kiran’s probiotic research, the serendipitous pair formulated the first all-spore probiotic known as MegaSporeBiotic. After a great deal of clinical validation, the team set out to launch the product in the practitioner market by attending medical conferences. In 2018, Microbiome Labs attended over 148 conferences, initiated and/or completed 14 clinical trials, and provided key solutions to thousands of practitioners, changing over 344,000 lives… and counting.



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