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The Most Popular Continuing Education Courses of 2020

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The most popular online Acupuncture, TCM, and Functional Medicine courses of 2020

These online courses can deepen your knowledge, heighten your confidence and increase your practice success. Check out the list of courses that your colleagues chose to study, fulfill their continuing education requirements, and deepen their knowledge in 2020.
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Healthy Seminars' Most Popular Courses of 2020


1.) A series of courses by CT Holman:


2.) A series of courses by Heiner Fruehauf:


3.) 9-Week Fertility Detox Program by Joe Pizzorno ND


4.) Launching Your Telehealth Practice Today by Natasha Wilch


5.) A series of courses by Yvonne Farrell:


6.) A series of courses by Lorie Dechar:


7.) Get Out! Understanding Proper Estrogen Detoxification through Phases 1, 2 and 3 to Reduce Risk by Carrie Jones ND


8.) Acupuncture during Pregnancy: Safe and Ethical Practice by Claudia Citkovitz (fulfills NCCAOM ethics and safety PDA)


9.) Master Tung’s Essential Points for Gynecological Conditions by Henry McCann


10.) An Introduction to the Practice of Saam Acupuncture by Toby Daly


11.) Distress and the Human Heart: The Other Pandemic - Safety and Ethics in the 21st Century by Rosa N Schnyer (fulfills NCCAOM ethics and safety PDA)


12.) So How Safe Is Acupuncture? Review of Up-to-date Clinical Evidence & Perspective by Gil Barzilay (fulfills NCCAOM ethics and safety PDA)


13.) A series of courses by Randine Lewis:


14.) Clarifying Diagnosis and Physiology for Accurate Herbal Prescribing by Sharon Weizenbaum


15.) Advanced Acupuncture for Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression by Susie Hayes


16.) The Treatment of Infertility - Full Course by Jane Lyttleton


17.) The Reproductive Microbiome by Leah Hetchman ND


18.) Vibrational Acupuncture: Integrating Tuning Forks with Needles by Mary Elizabeth Wakefleld and Michelangelo


19.) A series of courses by Poney Chiang:


20.) Acupuncture for Childhood and Teenage Anxiety by Rebecca Avern


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Check out our full list of NEW RELEASES - CEU / PDA / CPD on-demand online courses

I think we are most excited to be celebrating the end of 2020.  Good bye and good riddance!!

Plenty of exciting new CEU / PDA / CPD approved courses by world-renowned lecturers, leaders in their field of expertize.

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