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David Euler

After completing his Acupuncture Studies in 1989, David specialized in palpation based acupuncture influenced by Japanese styles, mainly Master Nagano and Kiiko Matsumoto, as well as Master Kawai. Blending the Japanese styles of acupuncture with European micro-systems and Low Level Laser therapies became a gentle, yet a very powerful treatment modality.

During his 30 years in clinical practice, he continued developing and integrating concepts learned from Prof. Nadia Volf (auricular causative diagnosis) Dr. Yamamoto (scalp acupuncture) and Prof. Jochen Gleditsch (very point and Microsystems) into the verifiable Palpation-Based style he has adopted.

Recently, David has created a website (www.ohmatopoeia.com) that is developing an art and acupuncture platform, offering CEU/CME credits as well as offering a peek into some art.

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