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Mark Volmer

Mark Volmer was lost and figured the best way to find himself was to sit silently, cross-legged, in an Asian wat for ten days. Taking his newfound sense of self back to North America (along with a fabulous cliché), he reckoned acupuncture was the best way to remain found; but he lost it again. Amidst the textbooks, right/wrong answers, and multiple-choice tests, Mark’s sense of self went missing.

After taking time off of his acupuncture practice to experiment with the alchemy of authenticity and love, Mark had 2 epiphanies:

    1) Everyone is SO unique.
    2) The current framework for healing may very well hold one in illness, rather than bring one out of it.

Classic models for healers really don’t allow one to bring an authentic sense of self to the treatment. He found this lack of individuality lead to the purgatory found in so many treatment rooms today. Being the mystic that he is, Mark much preferred to see practitioners experience a Shangri-La like space within themselves.

Part two of the epiphanies lead Mark down the rabbit hole. He discovered that practitioners and patients were incredibly adept at figuring out what was wrong. Unfortunately, nearly no one knew what perfect health looked like; let alone how to achieve it. Mark found his calling!  He has since established his practice as a journey towards the discovery of each individual’s own definition of perfect health. And so, this alchemical acupuncturist brought his panacea to the masses.

Mark can currently be found putting on workshops or offering one-on-one healing sessions throughout Western Canada.

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