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Natasha Wilch

Natasha is a Concussion Coach, Speaker, Educator and Registered Physical Therapist. Her passion and heart lay in the world of concussion.

Being a practicing clinician she saw the life changing circumstances her clients with Post Concussion Syndrome had to live with! For many of her clients they had been told "this is just the way it is", "it just takes time", "there's nothing left to do". The visits generally began with a box of Kleenex and tears ~ but they ended with understanding, knowledge and hope.

Today Natasha's overall mission is to change the world's understanding of concussion and the lives of people living with post concussion syndrome for the better.

Through her online coaching community for individuals with PCS, she provides an environment of support, motivation, inspiration, knowledge and tools that are so commonly forgotten- but are critical to the recovery journey.

As a speaker and educator she shares her passion and knowledge of concussion to sport clubs, students, professionals and social events. Natasha strongly believes in creating a collaborative and open concussion culture. Fostering positive communication for health teams, parents, athletes and clubs around the issue to keep everyone safe, informed, educated and playing the sport they love.

As a Physical Therapist Natasha is the owner of Symphony Rehabilitation in Nanaimo, BC. Her clinic is the leader in concussion rehabilitation on Vancouver Island ~ pioneering the way in the Physical Therapy world for out of the box treatment models. Her desire to serve her clients led her to winning the Canadian Futurepreneur Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Vancouver Island Business & Community Achievement Award and being in the top 400 or 8000 businesses in Canada for the RBC Women of Influence Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Always eager to learn and evolve as a therapist Natasha has pursued continuing education in Functional Neurology, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Bobath Concept, Acupuncture, IMS and more! Working with her clients and seeing the amazing changes they achieve in their lives keeps her passionate about her work and continuing to treat on the front lines with her team today!

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