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Shiaoting Jing

Shiaoting Jing PhD, LAc received her Oriental Medicine degree after completing a five-year medical program at Gan Su College of TCM. She also has an MA and an OMD degree from the prestigious Beijing University of TCM, the largest and most advanced medical training institute in China. Ms. Jing has 20 years of experience in teaching and clinical practice, and has expertise in gynecological disorders, including infertility, endometriosis, and PMS.

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Richard Buyalos, Laraine Crampton, Brady Chin, Richard Marrs, Mao Shing Ni, Paul Turek, Shiaoting Jing, Dr. Daoshing Ni
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Mao Shing Ni, Paul Turek, Richard Buyalos, Richard Marrs, Shiaoting Jing, Cheryl Arutt
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