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The following Healthy Seminars recorded online courses and live webinars are approved for acupuncture CEUs in Californa by the Acupuncture Board of California, whose mission is to benefit, educate and protect the public through regulation of licensure; development of education standards; provision of consumer information; and enforcement of the Acupuncture Licensure Act. For more information on California acupuncture CEU requirements, visit the Acupuncture Board of California website.

Take California acupuncture CEUs online webinars from ProD Seminars.

All 50 hours can be completed though Live Webinars

Live webinars = Live CEUs

A maximum of 25 hours can be completed through recorded courses (Distant Learning)

Approved Courses

The Acupuncture Board maintains a list of approved courses which is updated every other month. This is not a comprehensive list. In order to avoid attending courses that may have been cancelled, the Acupuncture Board strongly recommends that you confirm both dates and location of the course prior to attending.

The following are courses approved by the Acupuncture Board as of July 24, 2015.

Approved Live Continuing Education Courses
You may take all of your CEs from Live courses, be they in person or through a live webinar.

Approved Distance Continuing Education Courses
You may only take up to 50% of the total units required to renew your license through distance learning.

Also, please note that licensees can only receive up to 5 hours of CE credit for Category 2 courses. Category 2 courses are non-patient oriented courses that include Business courses, and exercise courses for the licensee and not to help with their patients. Exercise courses that are designed to teach the licensee exercises to prescribe to their patients are Category 1 courses. There is no limit to the number of Category 1 courses a licensee can take.

Course Content/Criteria

The content of all courses of continuing education must be relevant to the practice of acupuncture and Asian medicine and fall within one of the following two categories (C.C.R. Title 16, section 1399.483(b)).

Category 1 - Courses related to clinical matters or the actual provision of health care to patients. Examples of Category 1 courses include, but are not limited to:

  • Acupuncture and Asian Medicine
  • Western biomedicine and biological sciences
  • Scientific or clinical content with a direct bearing on the quality of patient care, community or public health, or preventive medicine
  • Courses concerning law and ethics and health facility standards
  • Courses designed to develop a licensee's patient education skills, including, but not limited to, patient education in therapeutic exercise techniques, nutritional counseling, and biomechanical education
  • Courses designed to enhance a licensee's ability to communicate effectively with other medical practitioners
  • Courses in acupuncture's role in individual and public health, such as emergencies and disasters
  • Courses in the behavioral sciences, patient counseling, and patient management and motivation when such courses are specifically oriented to the improvement of patient health
  • Research and evidence-based medicine as related to acupuncture and Asian medicine

Category 2 - Courses unrelated to clinical matters or the actual provision of health care to patients. Examples of Category 2 courses include, but are not limited to:

  • Practice management courses unrelated to clinical matters and direct patient care, including administrative record keeping, laws and regulations unrelated to clinical medicine, insurance billing and coding, and general business organization and management.
  • Breathing and other exercises, i.e. qi gong and taiji quan that are for the benefit of the licensee and not the patient.

While Category 2 courses may be approved for any number of hours, licensees may only report 5 hours of CE credit earned in Category 2 courses within a licensing period (every 2 years). Therefore, CE Providers may wish to limit the number of hours offered in this category.

It will be the responsibility of the provider to identify the category for each course, and to state the course description, outline, and statement of objectives that clearly shows how the course pertains to that category.

Distance Education

  • Licensees may complete up to 50% of their CE requirements through distance education courses (courses completed on an independent or home study basis). For a standard, 2-year renewal period, a licensee would be eligible to receive up to 25 hours of credit through distance education.
  • Courses that require practical or hands on techniques may not be approved for distance education.
  • Courses approved for distance education must include a self-assessment by the licensee upon completion of the course that tests the participant's mastery of the course material.