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North Carolina (NCALB)

<li>NCALB requires 40 hours of CEU every two years<br />
<li><strong>The license shall be renewed every two years on July 1.</strong><br />
<li>NCALB accepts NCCAOM approved courses <br />
<li>All of Pro D Seminars is an approved provider of the NCCAOM and all of our courses are NCCAOM approved. You can submit our NCCAOM CEU certificates for your NCALB renewal.</li>
<li><strong>Please note: NCALB allows a maximum of 20 hours of online CEU. A minimum of 20 hours must be face to face</strong></li>

You, The Healer; Maximizing the Energetic Effects of Treatment

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You, The Healer; Maximizing the Energetic Effects of Treatment immediately after purchasefor 2 years

Program Description

Goals and Outlines

  • Exploring the role of the Tao as a container for human experiences.
  • An explanation of the personal energy field and it’s connection to the Tao
  • Understanding the energetic link between the heart and the brain and it’s impact on treatment
  • An explanation of the scientific basis for acupuncture and it’s effects
  • Understanding the role of energy transmission during an acupuncture treatment
  • An experiential explanation of the practical steps a practitioner can take in order to enhance the vibratory effect of needling during an acupuncture treatment
  • Maximizing the placebo effect
  • How to prompt the body’s self-healing mechanisms
  • Learning about the scientific basis for energy medicine
  • D7 Presenter: 
    Jill Blakeway