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Cheryl Arutt

Advances in Integrative Reproductive Medicine

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01-31-2019 through 01-31-2021
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Advances in Integrative Reproductive Medicineimmediately after purchasefor 2 years
Advances in Integrative Reproductive Medicineimmediately after purchasefor 2 yearsAdvances in Integrative Reproductive Medicineimmediately after purchasefor 2 years
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Yo San University (YSU) of Traditional Chinese Medicine - 2019 YSU Integrative Women's Health & Reproductive Medicine Symposium.

This exciting 2-day symposium showcases the work of leaders in the area of Integrative Women's Health & Reproductive Medicine, highlighting the latest advances, practices, and challenges. Participating speakers include experts from TCM, reproductive endocrinology, psychology, research and more.


Part one:

The objectives of this 2-day symposium are:

  1. To provide an update on current clinical practices and integrative management of select conditions in Reproductive Medicine and Women's Health, including Menopause, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), common gynecological malignancies as well as general fertility care.
  2. Provide acupuncturists with practical clinical knowledge on how acupuncture / TCM can be integrated into the care of patients with the above-mentioned select conditions.
  3. Provide acupuncturists with insight on the role of acupuncture / TCM in optimizing pregnancy ratesand the future of integrative fertility care.
D7 Presenter: 
Daoshing Ni
Denise Wiesner
Brenda Strong
Cheryl Arutt
Katherine Anderson
Laraine Crampton
Lorne Brown
Mao Shing Ni
Paul Turek
Richard Buyalos
Richard Marrs
Shiaoting Jing

Cheryl Arutt

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Cheryl Arutt

Dr. Arutt holds a Doctor of Psychology degree from California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, where she received the Outstanding Doctoral Project award for her clinical dissertation Healing Together about couples and trauma. A licensed psychologist and expert in PTSD, Dr. Arutt recognized that her background working with couples and trauma was tailor-made for the ART community after welcoming twins nearly 15 years ago via IVF.

Advances in Integrative Reproductive Medicine – Part One - Distance Education

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Advances in Integrative Reproductive Medicine – Part One
ABORM Exam and Renewal 6.0 hours - AACMA 6.0 points allocated
Florida Provider 50-8743; 20-644781; 4.0 GEN, 2 BIOMED
Alberta CAAA; 6 CEU - NZRA; 6 CEU - IIllinois (225.000020) 6 CEU
NCCAOM ACHB 553-536; 6 PDA AOM-AC - Texas Provider CAE00011; 6 CAE GEN
CTCMA; 6 CEU, Category B3 - Massachusetts 6.0 (Core)
California CEP 591: 6 CEU Cat 1