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Is Light the New Needle: An Overview of Light Therapy

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This course provides the student with a comprehensive overview of Light Therapy. We will discuss the history and evolution of Light, the basics of Photobiomodulation such as wavelength, color, and depth of penetration. Also discussed will be the science of Light on a cellular level, and how Light alleviates pain and restores the nervous system. We will dive into the differences between Laser and LED Light, Photo-puncture for acupuncture points and meridians. We will discuss the research behind meridians conducting light and what this means to you clinically.


Detailed Outline

  • Introduction: LED & TCM
  • What is Light Therapy?
  • Meridian Illumination Therapy
  • Light Usage & Research
  • Summary
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Jennifer Waters

Jennifer Waters

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Jennifer Waters
Jennifer Waters, Dipl.Ac, L.Ac., has been in private practice for over 20 years. A health care practitioner and educator, she’s committed to helping her clients uncover the true causes of dis-ease in the body and mind. After a single session of LED Light Therapy relieved her pain associated with a labral tear, Jennifer incorporated Light Therapy into her clinic. She has seen the specialized combination of Light Therapy and Acupuncture produce profound synergistic results.