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Kate Levett

Mentorship Program: Advanced Acupuncture in Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Care

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Price: $2,500.00

Register now for March 2021 start date. Completes December 2021.

Enrolment: $2,500 (save $500) or two part payments of $1,500

Previous students from the MAMPS programme are welcome to continue engaging in this programme a total payment of $500.

How does it all work?

This course is structured in monthly modules with small cohort sizes to maximise your learning experience. While having access to lectures and resources, the expectation is that you will spend 2-3 hours per week of self-study engaging in set activities to deepen your understanding of the material.

  • At the beginning of each month, you will log into an online classroom that contains a lecture and handouts from a MAMPS tutor(s) about their experiences and treatment suggestions for a specific treatment topic.
  • You then have three weeks to engage in this lecture along with extra reading material and forum activities in preparation for a live feedback Q&A session with your tutor(s) in the final week. This will be recorded for those unable to attend.
  • Ongoing discussion of the classroom material is possible through forums. These forums provide community engagement and also provide the opportunity for you to submit questions and case histories from your clinical practice for group support and feedback.
  • Additionally, forums provide you with the opportunities to post suggestions for topics you would like to see covered and start-up connections with others for projects you may like to work together on that can be supported by the MAMPS team.
  • Optional additional resources will be provided for those who wish to explore topics in further depth, including understanding key research and how to utilise this for promoting acupuncture in maternity care.


At the end of the course and completion of forum activities, you will receive a MAMPS certificate for advanced practice and have the option of applying for distance CEU / PDA through Healthy Seminars included as part of your tuition. 

D7 Presenter: 
Debra Betts
Claudia Citkovitz
Zena Kocher
Kate Levett
Sarah Budd

Preparing Clients for Birth with a TCM Toolkit

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Price: $99.99
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Preparing Clients for Birth with a TCM Toolkit immediately after purchasefor 2 years
Category 1

The 'Preparing for Birth with a TCM Toolkit' course prepares participants with the knowledge, training and practical skills to support women and their partners for birth using TCM tools during a clinic consultation:

Goals and Outlines
By the end of the webinar, participants will have the ability to:

  • Determine how acupressure influences hormones;
  • Determine the scope of practice and safety profile for acupressure in labour and birth;
  • Manage medical interventions with TCM tools – adapting to the needs of the woman;
  • Determine how to best help and support parents in a 1 hour clinic consultation.
  • D7 Presenter: 
    Kate Levett

    Preparing clients for birth with a TCM toolkit - Distance Education

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    Preparing clients for birth with a TCM toolkit
    CTCMA; 4 CEU, Category B3 - AACMA: 4 CPD points allocated
    NCCAOM 553-687; 2.0 AOM-AC, 2.0 AOM-OM - - Illinois (225.000020) 4 CEU
    California Provider 591, 4 CEU; Cat 1 - Florida 50-8743; 20-761695; 4.0 GEN
    Texas CAE00011; 4 CAE AC - Mass. 4.0 - Alberta 4.0
    ABORM Renewal 4.0 PDA

    Kate Levett

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    Kate Levett
    Dr Kate Levett has been working in health education, acupuncture practice and medical research for over 20 years. She is a specialist in acupuncture, research methods and education. She has qualifications in Education (B.Ed (HME) (Hons I) Univ.Sydney), a Masters degree in research (MPH (epidemiology) (with Merit) Univ. Sydney), an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science (Acupuncture) (AIAS), and bringing these skills together in her PhD from the NICM Research Institute at Western Sydney University.