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Practical Maternity Acupuncture - Part One

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Practical Maternity Acupuncture - Part Oneimmediately after purchasefor 2 years

This course offers acupuncturists an overview of key issues relating to the clinical practice of treating women in pregnancy and the postpartum. This includes western medical concepts impetrative for safe practice as well as experienced treatment suggestions for difficult cases from experienced practitioners. This module includes understanding the treatment of nausea, hyperemesis, threatened miscarriage Pre-labour rupture of membranes, anxiety and depression and postpartum.

Acupuncturists taking this class can expect to:

  • Treatment of nausea in clinical practice
  • Treatment of hyperemesis in clinical practice
  • Treatment of threatened miscarriage in clinical practice
  • Treatment of Pre-labour rupture of membranes in clinical practice
  • Red flag for nausea, hyperemesis and Pre-labour rupture of membranes
  • Treatment of anxiety and depression in clinical practice
  • Treatment with acupuncture in postpartum period
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Debra Betts
Claudia Citkovitz
Sarah Budd
Zena Kocher

Zena Kocher

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Zena Kocher

Since 1995, Zena Kocher has been a practicing traditional Asian medicine provider with clinical experience in women's health. In 2006, she expanded her practice to also serve as an Integrative Medicine (IM) provider for MotherBaby Center at Abbott Northwestern hospital, which is a part of the Allina Healthcare system in Minnesota. As an IM inpatient provider, she uses acupuncture, massage, mind body techniques and aromatherapy to support women during their pregnancies, births and postpartum periods in the hospital.