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Acupuncture Point Combinations – Self-Esteem Issues, Shame and Procrastination

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Acupuncture Point Combinations – Self-Esteem Issues, Shame and Procrastination


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From experience, when a Chinese medicine practitioner searches for content on how to treat emotions and mental health conditions (for our medicine), two key things occur. The first is that there is a significant lack of content; the second is that the content available is too foundational.

Let me ask you a question here: how many patients have you seen in your clinic present with anger as their main complaint? Or grief, fear, or joy? In fact, how often do you see any of the seven main emotions as primary patient complaints?

I have been in practice since 1993 and treating mental health is my special interest, and I rarely see patients that present with one of the seven main emotions as their primary complaint. Our patient’s mental health is usually quite complicated, therefore you need to think ‘outside the box’ when constructing acupuncture point combinations.

In really exciting news, Healthy Seminars and I have decided to do something about this serious lack of usable content and this course/series of workshops is how I hope to fill the void. We will analyze and discuss acupuncture point combinations for depression, anxiety, frustration, and feeling overwhelmed. But we will also discuss treatments for self-esteem issues, phobias, panic attacks, addictions, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, and countless others.

There is nothing wrong with having a solid grounding in the foundations of Chinese medicine, the emotions included. Afte rall, the foundations lay the bedrock. What this course will do for you, however, is give you acupuncture point combinations for mental health conditions that you will see in clinic most days of the week.

So, if you want a course that gives you content that is almost impossible to find, especially in this condensed format, look no further. I am super excited to share my knowledge, clinical experience, and my favourite acupuncture point combinations for different mental health conditions.

Goals and Outlines

  • Be more proficient in identifying the different types of self-esteem issues, shame and procrastination most commonly seen in clinic, as well as patients that struggle with ambivalence, sympathy/empathy.
  • Understand the various forms of diagnoses that can apply for each of the mental health conditions discussed.
  • More confidently diagnose and treat patients for each of the mental health conditions discussed.
  • Have a greater insight into the importance of acupuncture point combinations.
  • Feel like they now have the tools to construct their own acupuncture point combinations for each of the mental health conditions discussed.
  • Have been taken through Chinese medicine concepts that are new to them; something they had forgotten they knew and are therefore reminded of again; or for consolidating knowledge already known.
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    Dr David Hartmann is a Chinese medicine practitioner living in Brisbane, Australia. He has been an Acupuncturist for over 20 years graduating from the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now Endeavour) in 1996. He has also completed a ‘Master of Acupuncture’ in 2009 through Southern Cross University.

    Dr Hartmann has been a TCM lecturer for over 15 years in Australia as well as presented seminars throughout Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the USA. A keen researcher and writer, he has a new textbook published in August 2019 by Singing Dragon: The Principles and Practical Application of Acupuncture Point Combinations. He is also the author of Acupoint Dictionary 2e, published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone in 2009.

    David has a wealth of knowledge in Chinese medicine and has a special interest in western/eastern; ancient/modern philosophy. David has a blog site where he writes his research results down, as well as some of his philosophical musings.

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