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Aligning the Five Spirits for a Renewed Sense of Purpose & Inner Harmony

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Aligning the Five Spirits for a Renewed Sense of Purpose & Inner Harmony


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The pandemic of 2020 has been a challenging and tragic time. As is true of all great challenges we have no control over the virus and its consequences. The only control we have is our response to it. We have been given an opportunity for realignment. We have had time to examine how we have lived our lives so far and time to decide through stillness, patience and vulnerability, the strengths and weaknesses of our current state of being. Can we let go of our baggage, our traumas, our negative or limiting beliefs? Can we embrace the reality of today and bring a more authentic and aligned version of ourselves into this new way of being?

By deeply connecting with Yuan Qi and our constitutional natures, we can align the Five Spirits within and establish a renewed sense of purpose. This 4-hour course will offer a review of the functions of the Five Spirits and a perspective on how they relate to survival, interaction and the evolution of consciousness. We will also discuss acupuncture points and treatments that can bring balance and harmony to the state of these Spirits. Included in the discussion; the Kidney-shu points, the “outer” Back-shu point, Window of the Sky Points, Doorway to the Earth Points and a variety of “shen” points.

Goals and Outlines

  • Participants will renew and deepen their understanding of the Five Spirits and their host organs.
  • Participants will learn to recognize imbalances in each of the Five Spirits.
  • Participants will be offered specific points that are effective in the treatment of spiritual imbalances.
  • Participants will explore self-care recommendations to support alignment of the Five Spirits
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    Dr. Farrell has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine and Channel Theory since 1996.  Her focus is on empowerment of students and patients so that they will embody the spiritual aspects of Chinese Medicine and make them their own. She believes that self-cultivation, self-knowledge and critical thinking are essential in developing capacity as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine.  

    Yvonne is the author of two books: Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and her latest, Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity published by Singing Dragon.  She has also written several articles for Medicinal Roots Magazine. She teaches continuing education courses in the US and internationally.


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