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Arya Nielsen Gua Sha 11 Module Package

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This registration page allows you to register for all 11 modules with just one click of "Add to Cart". You save approximately $270USD if you register for the complete 11 Module Package compared to registering individually for all 11 modules one at a time. 

Module 4 and Module 5 are each 5 CEU/PDA/CPD and satisfy requirements for professional issues and safety for NCCAOM CTCMA, Texas and AACMA.
Module 5 is approved for Florida requirement of "Prevention of Medical Errors."

This course is approved with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB).

Dr. Arya Nielsen's textbook Gua sha, a Traditional Technique for Modern Practice 2nd edition, is required reading for many of the 11 modules. The 2nd edition textbook is not included in the purchase price of this Program or individual modules. However, you can find a bookseller near you to obtain your copy by clicking click here.

"For those expressing skepticism about the notion of this 11 module series in gua sha I will echo Arya's comments and say that this course takes what we learned in school to a far deeper and more sophistocated level. I have used gua sha extensively in my practice for over a decade, but by taking this course I have learned to communicate with patients and other health care providers more effectively and correctly about what gua sha actually is and what it does. As has been demonstrated in FB groups on numerous occasions, most of what L.Ac.s say about gua sha is either not true or is only partially true. I feel strongly that if we are to have any hope at all of being taken seriously within the mainstream medical community, we need to be able to explain what we do in terms that physicians understand. This is particularly true with techniques like gua sha that have a rather alarming appearance. For instance, recently I saw a 70 year old female who had had very persistent and severe mid-back pain for several months. Her pain was bad enough to cause her to spend much of the night crying each night. She had had a medical workup to confirm that the pain was not caused by cancer or kidney pathology. The pain had not been relieved by acupuncture, physical therapy, or various medications. After one session of gua sha she was completely pain-free. As recommended by Arya, I showed her what her back looked like using a mirror before she left my office and gave her a handout explaining gua sha. The next day she had an appointment with her dermatologist. By then her back was feeling so good that she had completely forgotten about it. When he exposed her back for examination, however, he cried out in shock. Fortunately she still had my patient handout in her purse. She showed it to him and explained to him how much it had helped her stubborn back pain. He came away from the encounter intrigued and wanting to learn more. Imagine, however, if I had just told her that gua sha "removes toxins" (as acupuncturists commonly do when discussing gua sha). The dermatologist would have felt that that is utter nonsense (which it is) and likely would have formed a strong negative association with both me and acupuncturists in general. I think that Arya has done our profession an amazingly valuable service by creating this course and making her knowledge available to us. ~ KHW

If you have taken one or more of the modules below and you want to take all 11 modules and save on the 11 Module Package registration  please contact Healthy Seminars directly and we can apply the fees you have paid for the individual modules toward the Complete 11 module Package. There is no refund if you have taken most of the modules and want to upgrade so do it early after a few of the modules. You save approximately $270USD if to register for the complete 11 Module package compared to registering individually for all 11 modules. 

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Dr. Arya Nielsen is an American acupuncturist taught in the classical lineage of Dr. James Tin Yau So. She graduated in the first class of the first acupuncture college in the United States in 1977 (New England School of Acupuncture). She is a practitioner, teacher, author, and researcher and is considered the Western clinical authority on Gua sha. Dr Nielsen is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in the Department of Family Medicine & Community Health and directs the Acupuncture Fellowship for Inpatient Care at Mount Sinai. Her research includes both the physiology and therapeutic effect of Gua sha, acupuncture therapies for acute care and the inpatient setting as well as research on the treatment of chronic pain in underserved populations. Dr. Nielsen is the author of the textbook Gua Sha, A Traditional Technique for Modern Practice, (also in German, French and Italian) now in its second edition. She also filmed Gua Sha: Step-by-Step a teaching DVD. Arya teaches internationally on topics related to East Asian medicine and Integrative medicine she developed and teaches the Gua sha Certification Course with ProD Seminars ( as well as courses on safe and ethical practice standards, evidence for acupuncture and traditional East Asian modalities, and inpatient hospital-based acupuncture therapy. Dr. Nielsen is the Chair of the Policy Working Group for the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health, the 70 plus North American member organization of academic medical centers and health systems that support utilization of evidence-based nonpharmacologic therapies as integrative medical care. Arya served on a 2014 Joint Commission Stakeholder Panel on pain that led to their clarification (2015) that nonpharmacologic therapies be included in treatment strategies. Arya can be contacted by email at or at her website

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