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The Best of Master Tung’s Magic Points

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The Best of Master Tung’s Magic Points


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Gain a practical understanding of the energetics employed when using Master Tung’s Points. Master Tung Ching Chang was the living heir of a very unique acupuncture system. Though we can utilize our understanding of TCM from the Huang Di Nei Jing, this system stands alone. We’ll start with a brief history of Master Tung and his lineage, introduce Tung’s acupuncture, and provide an overview of the energetics employed when using Master Tung’s Points. We’ll further detail Master Tung’s Point system and review the most commonly used acupuncture points and point combinations. In this class, Susan Johnson will provide very detailed point descriptions for a wide variety of the most commonly used acupuncture points and point combinations from this system.

Susan Johnson has been practicing Tung’s Points for over 30 years. In her careful observation of their energetic effects, she has mastered the use of these extraordinary points and developed a very clear and precise way of presenting them in Seven Operative Theories. The class will begin with an introduction to Master Tung and the Tung Family Acupuncture system. In this introduction, she will utilize The Opposite Side/ Opposite End Theory to give you a good basis for your point selection when implementing this system, with a wide variety of points and point patterns that exemplify these energetic pathways.
Point selections may use five element relationships and Internal/External pairs, as well as the I-Ching connections uniquely seen in the Open/Close and Pivot pathway combinations central to correctly utilizing Tung’s points. These energetic connections are what make Tung’s acupuncture far more effective than ordinary textbook acupuncture. The crucial importance of maintaining clear energetic lines using far fewer needles and very carefully chosen points, culminating with immediate and lasting results, will be emphasized.

In this seminar, Susan Johnson’s favorite points in Master Tung’s system are presented in depth with precise anatomical location, operative theory, indications, combinations and case studies. Crystal clear video footage of each point discussed in class will give you perfect comprehension of point location and needling techniques. This seminar is designed for both beginning and advanced acupuncturists. You will be able to utilize the points immediately in your own clinical setting.

Goals and Outlines

  • Describe a brief history of Tung’s lineage.
  • Describe a brief history of Master Tung’s Point system.
  • Describe the energetics employed when using Tung’s points.
  • Describe the relationships of The Magic Square.
  • List exact point locations for a wide variety of Tung’s acupuncture points.
  • Describe the I-Ching relationships utilized in Tung’s acupuncture.
  • Describe a correct needling technique for each point.
  • Describe the importance of using fewer, very carefully chosen points.
  • Discuss how and why we keep the energetic lines clear for best results.
  • Identify exact points for treating specific conditions, through differential diagnosis.
  • Describe advanced concepts about specific points and how to intelligently combine points and point patterns.
  • Susan Johnson, L.Ac., has been studying and practicing acupuncture since 1982, and is an esteemed teacher of Master Tung’s Magic Points, a potent system of acupuncture handed down as a treasured family secret for generations and made public by Master Tung Ching Chang.

    Susan graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, CA, in 1984. By then, she’d begun an internship with Dr. Miriam Lee, whose influence was life changing for Susan. Susan became Dr. Lee’s primary student and trained extensively with her for many years. Together they traveled to Hefei, China, to study bleeding techniques with Dr. Wang Su-Jen. Susan studied Master Tung’s Magic Points with both Dr. Lee and Dr. Wei-Chieh Young. During the 1980s Susan also worked with Dr. Lee, lobbyist Art Krause, and elected officials to pass legislation expanding the scope of acupuncture in California.

    Susan practiced acupuncture in San Francisco until 1988, specializing in the treatment of HIV and AIDS. Through this experience she learned about opportunistic diseases and how to treat difficult and complex disorders such as Kaposi’s sarcoma, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), Candida, cancer, and the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

    Since 1988, Susan has maintained an acupuncture practice in Santa Cruz, California. She specializes in difficult and challenging cases, and in helping those with special needs to receive quality health care.

    Throughout her career Susan has relied extensively on Master Tung’s Magic Points, and she has been teaching classes on Tung’s Magic Points since 1985. Susan’s passion for Tung’s Points and her desire to share this remarkable system with other practitioners has inspired her to teach seminars and guest lectures worldwide, write articles and produce tutorial DVDs on Master Tung’s Points and the ancient art of cupping. Susan is continuing to work on innovative ways to share Master Tung’s Magic Points with a global audience, making this incredible system available to as many people as possible.

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