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A Bun in the Oven: Chinese Medicine's Approach to Treating Infertility and Miscarriage

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A Bun in the Oven: Chinese Medicine's Approach to Treating Infertility and Miscarriage

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Here we explore the invasion of cold, the implication of cold lurking in the body interfering with the body’s healthy maternal functions, and how to undo often decades of cold storage. A 'bun in the oven’ is really a proactive preventative look at all matters obstetric through the lens of miscarriage avoidance/ prevention as seen by a senior clinical acupuncturist. Using old wives’ tales from the Chinese past – see what can we do to elegantly, yet profoundly to change the future of the unborn children.


Setting the Scene – The Pregnancy Context

  1. Importance of using a wellness not an illness model, incorporating a preventative health care, not a biomedical model. (Hence, organ pathology and differential diagnosis to be set aside in favour of health enhancement – which is individualised and yet does follow a pattern of its own: homeostasis).
  2. Well pregnancy – how to achieve it. Importance of all of life Yang Sheng. Especially quality pre-conception care taking in great sperm and both having potentials maximized and BBT’s normal before they start.
    1. Normal menstruation – a marriage of great Qi and Blood production and Circulation.
      • Is she easily fertile, after having a life of easy periods?
      • Does IVF implantation work – or is there a cold belly and nest awaiting the fetus?
    2. Once pregnant:
      • General digestive/sleeping /comfort issues - Yang Qi is not sufficient to cover all her and baby’s needs.
      • Nausea as the digestive process is unable to sustain wellness
      • Tendency to spotting/bleeding/backaches and getting up at night a lot to pee.
      • We start to see the beginnings of various ‘organ’ pathologies here.
      • Likelihood of not sustaining pregnancy/miscarriage
    3. Later in pregnancy
      • Having a weakened system so the placental flow is not optimal.
      • Small for dates/reduced amniotic liquor
      • Back aches and sciatica
      • Pelvic pain including PSD
    4. Birthing
      • Lack of spontaneous energetic birthing
      • Post birth – tendency to haemorrhage, prolapse increased
  3. Role of Yang Qi in the well body. What wastes Yang Qi – hence homework/important self care points of interest. (How not to continue in the wasting cold habits)

PROCESS - What To Do

  1. How to remove cold from a body and why we would. What to do next (increase the Yang - moxa info)
  2. What happens when a woman has a cool belly. Why is it cold? – the oven should be hotter . . . as should her BBT.


  1. What to do to ensure maternal and fetal safety. Includes – increasing maternal Yang immediately.
  2. Moxa pyramids on ginger and pre warmed salt in navel.
  3. What happens if we do not – i.e. ignore the obvious?



ALLIED ISSUES: Restoration of local circulation (possibly bleeding luo vessels) Placental flow issues (sacral fan moxa) Structural integrity of tissues and organs Progesterone levels dependent on thryoid and this dependent on Yang Qi.

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Too many tangents and irrelevant information definitely padded the course out and I think the time could have been better utilized to explore some more fundamental TCM concepts and treatments. Regardless of the excessive Western nutritional advice and repetition, I found that the delivery was engaging.

I enjoyed this course and learned some new concepts.

Thank you. Very informative. Helen is just amazing and she knows so much.

Wasn't my favourite presenter. Things weren't explained that well, and just overall felt like I'm not going to apply much of this ~Jessica

Excellent overall and well presented. The webinar contains a huge amount of invaluable information from Heather Bruce, a very experienced clinician. ~Bruce

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely helpful. I have been able to apply it immediately in my practice. Thank you.

The information was very helpful and interesting. Could use a lot less sarcastic comments.

Very interesting course. I enjoyed Heather's teaching style. Possible research backing for some of her treatment suggestions would make me feel more confident applying them to my practice ~Ryan

Very interesting and helpful! I will look for more classes by this teacher! Thank you!! ~Martha

I really enjoyed this webinar. I believe this will have a profound impact on my practice and my life personal life.