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Consciousness, Nature & Trauma - Distance Education


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Everyone experiences trauma. Whether that is an opportunity for growth or a burden to suffer is directly correlated to how much awareness one can muster up. When people experience significant trauma, they frequently move into habituated states of being in order to survive that trauma. These habituated states are very useful for self-preservation in the moment and short-term. Over time there is diminishing benefit and the cost of those acts increases. At some point we need to let go of that which no longer serves us. We cannot accomplish that without increasing our awareness/consciousness.

This lecture will explore the idea that this is a transformative time. In this moment many people are concurrently stuck in 3 types of trauma; intergenerational, personal and global (societal). We have an opportunity now to help humanity by addressing Qi in such a way that it creates the possibility of increased consciousness.

We will also be looking at the 8 Extraordinary Vessels (8EV) as a powerful tool for increasing consciousness by activating the Observer. Using these vessels with intent allows us to offer the possibility of restoring the jing-shen relationship. This may help our patients to regain their sovereignty by supporting their ability to see themselves in the habituated states and then choose differently.

The 8 EV provide the primary resources that we need to alter our nature so that we can thrive in the face of trauma. If we can see and understand the impact that trauma has on our state of being, then we have choice. When we choose differently then we have the ability to be the most embodied and human version of ourselves. It is the ability to choose, with clarity of spirit, that determines how we will respond to adversity. This is what consciousness serves.

Your past shapes you but it can only own you if you let it.

Goals and Objectives:
1. Participants will be able to recognize trauma at all 3 levels of qi
2. They will be able to see the primary trauma pathology in each of the 8 EV
3. Participants will be able to create simple & effective 8 EV treatments

Dr. Farrell has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine and Channel Theory since 1996.  Her focus is on empowerment of students and patients so that they will embody the spiritual aspects of Chinese Medicine and make them their own. She believes that self-cultivation, self-knowledge and critical thinking are essential in developing capacity as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine.  

Yvonne is the author of two books: Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and her latest, Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity published by Singing Dragon.  She has also written several articles for Medicinal Roots Magazine. She teaches continuing education courses in the US and internationally.


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