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Eight Extras and the Childbearing Cycle: Complete Course

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Eight Extras and the Childbearing Cycle: Complete Course

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I'm really happy to have taken this course. I know it will enhance my professional skills in working with women in all stages of fertility to pregnancy to post-partum. Wish I had taken this when I was pregnant with my first child! ~ Jin

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The overarching objective of this 16 hour, 4 module series, is to provide the acupuncturist with a clear understanding of the allopathic care a pregnant woman undergoes, and to work alongside her prenatal care provider to support and prevent common pregnancy issues.

Pregnancy is a time when virtually all women are receiving allopathic care, and in order for the patient to be best served by the acupuncturist, an understanding of said care, and a means for working within its structure is vital for ensuring the healthiest possible outcome for mother and baby.

Utilizing the eight extraordinary meridians provides an excellent structure for addressing all obstetric patterns and conditions. Know as the ancestral vessels, these channels are the only ones activated during gestation, thus allowing the practitioner a means to influence fetal growth and development. Additionally, the eight extras are the perfect vessels for supporting the process of conception, implantation, gestation through all three trimesters, and childbirth itself. For the neonate and new mother, the eight extras provide a perfect vehicle for treating common post-partum complaints, including bonding, lactation and post-partum depression.

NOTE: 4 CEU (only) approved by the ABORM.


In this course, we will break down the Childbearing cycle into four stages:

Module 1) Conception and the first trimester,

Module 2) the second trimester,

Module 3) the third trimester,

Module 4) labor and the immediate post-partum period.

Four hours are dedicated to each stage, including treatment protocols, herbs, allopathic care and more.

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Texas Biomedicine: 
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Laura Erlich, LAc, FABORM, has practiced Integrative Chinese Medicine since 2007, in West Los Angeles and Silver Lake, CA. She also maintains a labor support practice, having accompanied hundreds of women through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth as a doula.

Laura is the founder and owner of Mother Nurture Wellness, a clinic dedicated to supporting women through the journey of fertility, the childbearing cycle and all areas of health and wellness. Her areas of specialty include women’s health, fertility enhancement (with or without ART), conscious conception, prenatal and post-partum care, gynecological disorders and menopause. In addition to practicing, Laura is passionate about teaching and writing. She offers continuing education courses on infertility, obstetrics and women’s health to acupuncturists all over the world through Pro D seminars, in person at her clinic, and to the doctoral cohort at Yo San University.

She is the co-author of Feed Your Fertility, a guide to optimizing fertility through nutrition and Chinese Medicine, with Emily Bartlett, LAc, (Fair Winds Press 2015). You can also find her writings through multiple guest blog posts and her website, www.mothernurturela.com/

While out of the office, Laura enjoys a great life with her wonderful husband and son.

Laura presented at the 2015 Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, Canada Recordings available here.

Dr. Farrell has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine and Channel Theory since 1996.

She directs her teaching towards the empowerment of students with the hope that they will embody the spiritual aspects of Chinese Medicine and make them their own. Dr. Farrell believes that self-cultivation, self-knowledge and critical thinking are essential in developing capacity as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. To that end, she teaches dynamic, informative and thought-provoking live CEU courses and webinars through LA Herbs and Acupuncture and Healthy Seminars.

Yvonne earned her doctoral degree in 2007. Her first book, "Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels" was published by Singing Dragon in 2016.


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Course Reviews

This was such a wonderful and inspiring course!! I would definitely take a course from these teachers again! ~ Jennifer

I'm really happy to have taken this course. I know it will enhance my professional skills in working with women in all stages of fertility to pregnancy to post-partum. Wish I had taken this when I was pregnant with my first child! ~ Jin

Great information that I will can use now in my practice. Thank you! ~ Maring

Enjoyed and benefited from the series. 8 extras was not a significant part of my training, a basic introduction refresher would have been good to start from.

This is an excellent in-depth course for pregnancy and labor, combining both information on western medicine physiology and the 8 Extra perspectives. The presenters are very knowledgeable and did great job presenting the material and explaining the contents.

Volume issues were quite annoying. Also, too much western medical info. Wanted more focus on the acupuncture treatments. Not just point names, but type of stimulation and needle gauge would have been interesting. Treatment frequency and duration were finally addressed at the end. Loved the details and history of the points and the energetic of the channels. Loved the specific actions of the points

A lot of great information!
~ Marie

Thank you, it was an enlightening class. I signed up for it without
knowing I was pregnant myself. I was grateful for the time allotted, as I
ended up having extreme morning sickness and could not attend to it for over
22 weeks. I have learned a lot from my own experience and many things that
can be useful in the near future as well as future clients.
~ Pamela

This is the first paid course I have done with Pro-D Seminars and I am very happy. The course exceeded my expectations and I will be able to use this knowledge in clinic tomorrow!

Loved this course!! And love the customer service at Pro-D!
~ Christine