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The Energetics of Healing Infertility

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The Energetics of Healing Infertility

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This lecture previously recorded at YoSan University offers students a new perspective about treating patients with infertility. Following nearly 20 years and several thousand successful fertility outcomes, Danica presents how she integrates various facets of healing into the context of infertility treatment.

Relevant topics presented include: acupuncture, spiritual counseling, and “how to access the quantum field”, leaving the student with an opportunity to view the treatment of infertility differently.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be:

  • Familiarized with the concept of “Our Emotional System” and how to use that understanding to navigate emotional conversations with infertility patients
  • More aware of the signs revealed by infertility patients when they’re slipping into low frequency behavior that works against their efforts
  • Knowledgeable of the energetic frequencies associated with fertility success and cycle failure
  • Better versed in spiritual terminology, as it applies directly to treatment of infertility

Part 1 - An Integrative Approach

An introductory conversation about the various aspects of care that make up an "integrative approach", including conventional medicine, alternative medicine, and the patient's role in her own healing. During this introduction the stage is set to introduce the concept of patient empowerment - whereby patients can help themselves feel better about the fertility journey when they are steered in the direction of thinking more consciously, instead of focusing only on what's not working.


Part 2 - The 5 Primary Emotions

In this section of the lecture, each of the 5 emotions (anger, sadness, worry, despondency and fear) are addressed. Acupuncture points as well as tools to recognize and diagnose each emotion are presented, along with tools that practitioners can offer to their patients for personal study.


Part 3 - The Field of Possibilities

This cumulative aspect of the lecture focuses on the quantum healing model and the difference between "high vibrational" thoughts/behaviors and the pitfalls of lower frequency thoughts/behaviors that most infertility patients fall into. This section offers specific examples and guidance for practitioners to assist their patients in elevating their hearts and mindsets.

One of the first acupuncturists in America to specialize in women’s health and infertility, Danica Thornberry, L.Ac. has helped over 1,500 women conceive healthy babies. Since 2001, she has worked with Los Angeles’ top fertility specialists, appeared on Lifetime TV’s Speaking of Women’s Health, and received the Award of Excellence in Family Building from RESOLVE Infertility. Danica is the founder of Well Women Acupuncture in Los Angeles. She teaches Women’s Integrative Health at YoSan University and she is the author of Stick It to Me, Baby! ~ Inserting Spirit Into the Science of Infertility, illuminating certain spiritual aspects of women's lives that may need healing before motherhood can occur. She created, a collection of online courses that teach women how to optimize their mind and body to increase the chance of pregnancy, and she has 2 “against-the- odds” children of her own.

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