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The Extraordinary Channels and the Treatment of Autoimmune Disorders

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The Extraordinary Channels and the Treatment of Autoimmune Disorders


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The Qi Jing Ba Mai, or Eight Extraordinary Channels, are the basic template of life, regulating physical, mental and spiritual development from creation to death.

The Qi Jing Ba Mai also protect the body during times of abrupt and unforeseen illnesses, which cannot be dealt with through the regular channel network; as written in the classics:

"When the network vessels (the main and connecting channels) are filled to overflowing, the perverse Qi is diverted to the Extraordinary Channels… thus the person is saved from certain death." (Nan Jing 27)

This system can save us from "certain death", but at the cost of stagnation of perverse Qi within the extraordinary channels, creating deep and chronic imbalances between Ying Qi and Wei Qi. These are the autoimmune diseases, where the body attacks itself.

The seminar will explore the pathogenesis and treatment of autoimmune disorders including unique diagnostic and needling techniques for the eight extraordinary channels, the energetics of points, internal pathways connecting the channels, and specific protocols for treatment.


  1. Participants will learn the importance of the eight extraordinary channels in the pathophysiology of autoimmune diseases.
  2. Participants will learn energetics and indications for choosing different points on the channels.
  3. Participants will learn specific methods of diagnosis pertaining to the extraordinary channels.
  4. Treatment strategies and point combinations for selected diseases and symptoms will be given.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Ba Mai 
  • Discussion of selected points
  • Methods of diagnosis
  • Treatment strategies and point combinations

Rani Ayal Dipl. Ac. (IATCM) has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine since 1988.

Initially trained in Shiatsu and Meridian Acupuncture in Japan, Rani returned to Israel and continued his studies in Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tai Qi Chuan and Chinese Nutrition.

Upon graduating from "Medi- Cin" college of TCM in Israel Rani continued his studies in 5 Elements, Stems& Branches and Classical Chinese Acupuncture under the tutelage of Master Acupuncturist Joan Duveen in Holland, who continues to be his mentor till the present day.

Former head of the Shiatsu dept. at "Medi- Cin" college and the Acupuncture division of the Complementary Medicine Unit in "Sourasky Medical Center" in Tel Aviv, Rani has taught Chinese Medicine extensively to students and medical doctors in different programs throughout Israel.

Today Rani teaches a post- graduate course in 5 Elements and Stems& Branches acupuncture and maintains a private practice specializing in gynecology (especially infertility), pediatrics, oncology and the diagnosis and treatment of "difficult" diseases.

Rani is also one of the international speakers at the 2015 Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, Canada.

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