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The Extraordinary: What Makes Them Extraordinary? Clinical Applications of the Chong Mai

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The Extraordinary: What Makes Them Extraordinary? Clinical Applications of the Chong Mai


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The extraordinary channels form a blueprint of person’s destiny. They contain Jing and create an infrastructure for Shen to dwell in. The very basic structure and plan for human body is represented by them.

When the sperm meets the ovum the Ren and Du are created than the Chong and Dai mai are involved in the first cell division. They are the root of creation of all the initial physical structures.

The extraordinary channels are extraordinary and have a vast clinical relevance. They can be used to treat a variety of disease. For example: treating epilepsy, by balancing Yin and Yang Qiao or the Du Mai, loss of consciousness by treating Du 26, Chong and Yin Wei for treating hormonal imbalance and more.

The lecture will deal more in depth with the Chong channel covering its pathway, physiology and pathology, techniques of needling. Special attention will be put to the clinical relevance to fertility and in treating modern, complicated diseases like autoimmune or metabolic diseases.

This course was presented at the ICCM Conference. Healthy Seminars would like to thank the ICCM Conference for allowing us to host their lectures on our site.


  • Dissecting the name, Qí Jīng Bā Mài
  • Inner Alchemy: Jing and Shen
  • Function and Action
  • Relationships – Movement of Yin/Yang
  • Chong Mai

Dr. Maimon is an internationally renowned figure in the field of Integrative and Chinese Medicine with over 25 years of clinical, academic, and research experience in the United States, Europe, and Israel.
Dr. Maimon integrates complementary and western medicine in his own unique way. He combines a vast background of TCM styles with a wide clinical and teaching experience. His teaching is clear and inspiring.

He heads an integrative research center in one of leading Hospitals in Israel. He has developed a special insight in diagnosis and treatment of variety of psychological, autoimmune disorders and cancer, which is coming from a deep understanding of the application of Chinese medicine to ease suffering and promote healing. He had published several outstanding research articles relating to acupuncture and herbal medicine.

He was privileged to study personally with some of the best teachers, all around the world. Graduated from schools in England, Holland, U.S.A and China, Dr. Maimon practices and have been trained in different methods of Chinese medicine such as: “5 Elements”, TCM, Stems and Branches, Japanese Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine, and studies of ancient texts. This also includes postgraduate specialization in: Pediatrics, gynecology and oncology.

Currently, Dr. Maimon is the Head of “Tal center” - integrative cancer research center, institute of oncology - Sheba hospital; Head of the Israeli center for research in complementary medicine (NPO); Chairman of the International Congress of Chinese Medicine in Israel (ICCM); Head of "Refuot" integrative medical center.

Former : dean and Co-founder of the largest TCM collage in Israel: “Medi-Cin”; Director of a program in Chinese medicine for medical doctors at Bar-Ilan University; Lecturer of Medical Psychology at Tel Aviv University; Head of the complementary medicine unit at the Tel Aviv hospital, all the while involved in research and the treatments of hospitalized and out-patients.

Dr. Maimon’s teaching is inspired from a deep understanding of Chinese medicine and insights to the Shen’s influences on suffering and healing.

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