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Facial Diagnosis: The Psychological and Emotional Underlay of Disease

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Facial Diagnosis: The Psychological and Emotional Underlay of Disease


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Please note this course is no longer approved for California acupuncture CEUs.

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We chose not to renew this course for California Acupuncture CEUs. However, this course is approved by other CEU regulatory bodies.  Please check our approved by tab for approval details.

According to Classical Chinese Medicine, the face contains numerous clues about the health and functioning of the internal organs. But more importantly, it gives a wealth of information about the personality and the behavior of an individual that contribute to health problems. Facial Diagnosis allows practitioners to delve into the psychological and emotional underlay of disease.

The Facial Map of Life Experiences shows what has happened to an individual and records the traumas that create Jing and QI blockages, whereas the Emotional Map reveals the frequently used expression and the repressed emotions that lead to trapped fire and inflammation. Practitioners will learn to read important diagnostic markings on the face from photographs.

Participants will be able to:

  • apply facial diagnosis
  • approach herbal processing (paozhi)
  • approach military patients
  • describe integrative acupuncture paradigms
  • recognize the markings on the face that corresponds to the Emotions that have been expressed or repressed
  • understand how the Facial Map of Life Experiences shows blockages to Jing and Qi
  • identify signs of organ dysfunction from signs on the face
  • understand what personality traits are correlated to specific diseases
  • start recognizing psychological patterns that contribute to illness

Detailed Outline:

  • Introduction to Facial Diagnosis
  • Participants will learn how this ancient Facial Map is a record of past traumas much like rings on a tree and indicated where Jing is frozen and how issues and patterns form
  • Participants will learn how this map of the wrinkles indicates the expression or repression of emotions
  • Participants will be shown numerous slides that illustrate diagnosis as seen from areas of the face that correlate to organ function.  Recommendations will be given for treating
  • Q&A, Summary, Program Worksheet

Lillian Pearl Bridges is considered the world's leading authority on Face Reading and Diagnosis and she is credited for bringing this information and the art of Five Element Feng Shui and Daoist Design back to Chinese Medicine and applying it to business. She has created special programs at the Lotus Institute based on her wisdom that helps you understand your true nature, communicate yourself better to the world and live in a way that nurtures who you are. She helps you uncover your "Original Face," find your Golden Path, and then inspires and supports you do what you are meant to do in the world.

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