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How to Resolve the 5 Primary Emotions of Infertile Patients

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How to Resolve the 5 Primary Emotions of Infertile Patients

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Within the context of treating infertility, this course teaches practitioners necessary and useful psychological tools and strategies to successfully balance patients’ emotions during an intake. Various examples will be presented to demonstrate how emotions often dominate these patients’ lives and the ways in which we can easily access and help resolve emotions in the treatment room. This course focuses on the role of the acupuncturist in treating this emotionally charged patient population, but provides a solid framework for other holistic practitioners to know how to guide their patients to emotional balance as well.


Upon successful completion of this course, the practitioner will:

  • Feel more comfortable and confident treating the emotional aspect of infertility
  • Use new strategies to effectively help patients resolve emotions inside the treatment room
  • Understand a unique system to apply the 5 Primary Emotions to real life scenarios
  • Gain insight and understanding about the role we play in these emotional patients’ lives
  • Have the proper tools to help a patient manage their infertility from a more emotionally-balanced perspective




  • Empathizing with patients
  • The five primary emotions
  • Tools for treating with the primary emotions

One of the first acupuncturists in America to specialize in women’s health and infertility, Danica Thornberry, L.Ac. has helped over 1,500 women conceive healthy babies. Since 2001, she has worked with Los Angeles’ top fertility specialists, appeared on Lifetime TV’s Speaking of Women’s Health, and received the Award of Excellence in Family Building from RESOLVE Infertility. Danica is the founder of Well Women Acupuncture in Los Angeles. She teaches Women’s Integrative Health at YoSan University and she is the author of Stick It to Me, Baby! ~ Inserting Spirit Into the Science of Infertility, illuminating certain spiritual aspects of women's lives that may need healing before motherhood can occur. She created, a collection of online courses that teach women how to optimize their mind and body to increase the chance of pregnancy, and she has 2 “against-the- odds” children of her own.

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