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Japanese Acupuncture Techniques for Fertility

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Japanese Acupuncture Techniques for Fertility


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This course deals with Japanese acupuncture and moxa techniques for male and female fertility issues. It includes a brief review of Japanese Acupuncture, Moxibustion techniques, abdominal diagnosis and specific treatment strategies. This course will teach techniques you can add to your practice to increase your efficacy whether you practice Japanese acupuncture techniques or not.



  • Introduction, JMT history, Five Phase history
  • Four Diagnosis, treatment of the root, point selection
  • Causes of female fertility issues
  • General Strategy for fertility patients
  • Supplemental strategies – moxa
  • Male Infertility issues
  • Case studies and Practical Clinical tips to increase your communication and results 




  • Review of basic Five Phase Theory
  • The Four Diagnosis of Keirakuchiryo
  • Learn abdominal diagnosis patterns
  • Understand the concept of Oketsu
  • Point selection for phase supplementation
  • Fertility problem causes in JMT
  • Learn General Strategy for fertility patients
  • Learn moxa point of the abdomen and feet
  • Basic moxa technique and safety
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Cameron Bishop DAOM, L.Ac. lived and worked in Japan for over four years. He has been practicing full time over 20 years. He has been a popular instructor of Japanese Acupuncture at ATOM, and other Japanese acupuncture programs. His research for his doctorate was on Japanese techniques of fertility. He has trained in Acupuncture in US, Japan, China and Europe. His full bio is on Askwithin.com

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