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Male Factor: It Takes Two to Make a Baby

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Male Factor: It Takes Two to Make a Baby

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Ever since IVF (and especially ICSI) was introduced to the world stage, it immediately became the “go to” procedure to help infertile couples. This occurred without scientific validation of its safety or formal study of its cost-effectiveness or medical “value.” Significant research has since been published that compares classical treatments for male infertility, including medical therapy, lifestyle and diet changes, varicocele repair, vasectomy reversal and ejaculatory duct resection, to assisted reproduction (including IUI). The literature shows a clear difference in the “value” of treating versus bypassing male infertility with assisted reproduction and is the topic of this lecture.

That topic is one of the youngest fields of research when it comes to reasons for male infertility. But the term is a confusing one, hardly anyone knows what exactly is meant by epigenetics. We´re going to dig deeper into epigenetics and why Chinese Medicine might be an important treatment tool, as epigenetic changes are of huge importance in our understanding and finding treatment options for male infertility, especially in unexplained male infertility (UMI).

Goals and Outlines

  • Explain the difference between cost-effectiveness and decision modeling analyses to assess fertility treatments
  • Describe 3 classical surgical treatments offered for male infertility
  • Define how the “shift of care” argument applies male infertility treatment
  • Outline 3 ways that diet and lifestyle changes improve natural fertility
  • This lecture intends to make therapists aware of epigenetics and the importance of Chinese Medicine to treat epigenetic issues causing male factor infertility.
  • Dr. Olivia Pojer MD, studied medicine at the University of Graz, Austria and graduated to Dr. med.univ. in 2004, general practitioner since 2009. In 2010, she established a medical practice for Chinese medicine in Gleisdorf, Austria.

    Dr. Pojer is a lecturer and course instructor of the OGKA (Austrian Society for Controlled Acupuncture and TCM), teaches and lectures in Austria and worldwide. She is a Fellow of the ABORM and holds an Acupuncture Diploma and a Diploma for Chinese Herbal Medicine from the Austrian Medical Association, diploma for further training in “Master-Tung acupuncture” by Henry McCann (USA), diploma for “Integrative medicine in assisted reproduction (ART)” by the German association for reproductive medicine, diploma for advanced training in TCM from the Universities of Nanjing and Wuhan (China).

    Since June 2019, Dr Pojer is the President of the OGKA and the author of the book "Secrets from the chamber of Jade-Treatment of erectile dysfunction and lack of libido with Chinese Medicine", published by Müller & Steinicke in May 2017.

    Dr. Turek is Director of The Turek Clinic (, a men’s health clinic in Beverly Hills and San Francisco. He is a former Professor of Urology, Obstetrics & Gynecology at the University of California San Francisco and held the Academy of Medical Educators Endowed Chair in Urology. He is an active clinician and internationally recognized authority on men’s health issues.

    Dr. Turek attended Yale College and Stanford University Medical School. Following a urology residency at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Turek was fellowship trained at Baylor College of Medicine. His publications include basic research that focuses on germ and stem cell genetics and epidemiologic studies of men’s sexual and reproductive health problems. He is a consultant to the CDC and NIH. He has received NIH grants to help infertile men become fathers. He is an Advisory Board member of the Men’s Health Care Network and Fertile Hope and Editor of the Reproductive Volume of Netter’s Images, published in 2012. He maintains an active blog at

    Dr. Turek is Past-President of the Society of Male Reproduction and Urology, The American Society of Andrology and The Northern California Urology Society. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, the Société Internationale d'Urologie and the Royal Society of Medicine (London). In 2009, he founded a free volunteer medical clinic powered by retired physicians for the working uninsured ( More recently, he executive produced an award winning Hollywood short film entitled “If I Could Tell You.” His hobbies include vintage cars and longboard surfing.

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