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One half of all fertility problems can now be attributed to the male.  More and more evidence is showing the clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine and acupuncture on the improvement of male semen parameters. If it is truly our goal to help couples conceive, then it seems that it is time to deepen our understanding of how to treat men.   If you want to increase your success rate, then learn to treat male factor infertility.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To learn and be able to identify in clinic, the main causes of male infertility.
  2. To learn and identify the normal lab parameters for semen.
  3. To learn and identify the main Chinese medicine patterns associated with male infertility.
  4. To understand the studies that have shown the efficacy of Chinese medicine and acupuncture on sperm parameters.
  5. To take away a general understanding of the herbs and points used in the treatment of Male infertility.
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Jane Lyttleton began her studies in science in NZ and then London with doctoral studies in genetics before succumbing to the siren song of Chinese medicine. She is author of the acclaimed Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine, published in 2004 (2nd ed 2013) by Elsevier Science and now in its 7th reprint in English, and several other languages.

She has lectured at universities in Australia and the UK, and has taught courses and seminars in the treatment of infertility to doctors in Australia, Canada, China, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand and Britain. She has presented at IVF conferences in California and Sydney.

She has always had a keen interest in the way Chinese medicine can be applied to gynecological disorders in a modern western context, and has run TCM clinics in women’s health centres and general medical centres since the early 1980s. In addition to her own busy practice she has established a number of clinics which work closely with IVF clinics and the University of Western Sydney, and are providing the platform for data collection and clinical research.

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Course Reviews

Brilliant! I loved all the integration of Eastern and Western medicine! I learned so much about the biomedical aspect of male fertility, and the way it these concepts were consistently related back to TCM principles really helped to deepen my understanding of both TCM and male fertility. I would love to see more from this speaker in the future!
~ Genevieve B

Enjoyed the speakers calm demeanor, excellent info. inspired to treat more male infertility now

Another great class! What a great teacher. Great information. Would liked to have been able to see the video that Lyttleton shared showing the IVF procedure. ~ Kimberly

Good course. Feel like I know a lot more about the subject and feel comfortable treating it.
~ Kristie