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Perimenopausal Transition: Treatment Strategies to Improve Clinical Success

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Perimenopausal Transition: Treatment Strategies to Improve Clinical Success


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This class is designed to take a step-by-step approach through treating the perimenopausal transition patient. The main focus is aimed at differential diagnosis and treatment strategies for the various individual perimenopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, urogenital symptoms, etc. A general western and Chinese medical overview of perimenopause will also be discussed, along with an overview of Dr. Brian Grosam’s perimenopause acupuncture research “The Effects of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Perimenopausal Symptoms,” individual case studies, as well as, other pertinent research and treatments strategies for perimenopausal symptoms in today’s medical world.

Course Goals:

Individual perimenopausal symptoms can be caused by several and simultaneous TCM patterns. Our main objectives are to learn how to effectively approach TCM pattern differentiation in diagnosing perimenopausal symptoms and to develop appropriate and effective acupuncture and herbal prescriptions for the patient. The hope is to gain a better overall understanding of the perimenopausal transition, to improve your diagnostic skills, and be able to build successful treatment strategies based on the information provided.

I. General Introduction

II. Overview of Perimenopause from Western Medicine Perspectives 

  1. Definitions 
  2. Influential Factors 
  3. Physiological Changes 
  4. Hypothalmus-Pituitary-Ovarian Axis 
  5. Ovarian Changes 
  6. Adrenal Steroid Level Changes 
  7. Endometrial Changes 
  8. Central Thermoregulation Changes 
  9. Cognitive Dysfunction 
  10. Psychosocial Changes 
  11. Urogenital and Libido Changes 
  12. Evaluation 
  13. Risk Factors 
  14. Diagnosis & Lab Testing 

III. Overview of Perimenopause from Chinese Medicine Perspectives 

  1. Physiology & Pathology 
  2. Stagnated Heat 
  3. Yin Deficiency 
  4. Damp Heat 
  5. Qi and Yang Deficiency 
  6. Yangming Heat 
  7. Ying and Xue Level Heat 

IV. Western vs. TCM Treatments 

  1. Western Medicine Treatments 
  2. Estrogen and Progesterone 
  3. Calcium and Vitamins 
  4. Surgical and Invasive Procedures 
  5. Pharmaceuticals 
  6. Alternative Therapies 
  7. Bio-identical Hormones 
  8. Lifestyle Changes 
  9. Chinese Medicine Treatments 
  10. Acupuncture 
  11. Herbs 
  12. Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations 
  13. Research, Effectiveness, and Improvements 

V. Personal Research  

  1. Overview 
  2. Design & Decisions 
  3. Methods & Implementation 
  4. Results & Discussion 

VI. Diagnosis and Treatment of Individual Perimenopausal Symptoms  

  1. Outcome Assessment 
  2. Individual Symptoms & Manifestations 
  3. Pattern Differentiation & Diagnosis 
  4. Acupuncture Treatments 
  5. Auricular Therapy 

VI. Diagnosis and Treatment of Individual Perimenopausal Symptoms  

  1. Herbal Formula Treatments 
  2. Clinical Pearls to Increase Efficacy 
  3. Conclusion, Problems and Shortcomings 
  4. Changes and Suggestions for Future Research 
  5. Questions & Answer Session 

Dr. Brian Grosam graduated with a PhD in Acupuncture from the Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2009. He studied under Dr. Fudong Wu, a leading neurological acupuncture expert in China and his clinical professor, Dr. Qiuhua Shan, a distinguished acupuncture clinician and auricular acupuncture expert in China. Alongside his studies in acupuncture, Dr. Grosam fulfilled clinical studies in gynecology and neurology.

In 2008, he organized and completed his doctoral clinical research on “The Effects of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Perimenopausal Symptoms.” His clinical results showed a promising reduction in the overall symptoms that accompany menopausal transition.

Dr. Grosam held a professor position at American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from 2008-2015, and the Clinic Director position from 2011-2012. He continues to write and give lectures on acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and menopausal transition.

Dr. Brian Grosam is a member of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Minnesota, a Diplomate of Chinese Medicine from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and a member of the North American Menopause Society. He has served as a board member on the Minnesota Acupuncture Association and currently works with the legislative committee.

Along with his wife Pam, Dr. Grosam owns and operates Sun Acupuncture, a full-service acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, where he specializes in menopause.

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