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Physiology and Clinical Applications of the San Jiao (Triple Burner)

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Physiology and Clinical Applications of the San Jiao (Triple Burner)


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Please note this course is no longer approved for California acupuncture CEUs.

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We chose not to renew this course for California Acupuncture CEUs. However, this course is approved by other CEU regulatory bodies.  Please check our approved by tab for approval details.

First introduced in the Inner Cannon and expanded upon in the Classic of Difficulties, the San Jiao (Triple Burner) has been the subject of academic debate for over 2000 thousand years. In this lecture, you will be introduced to Dr. Wang Ju-Yi´s unique understanding of the Triple Burner and discuss it´s relevance regarding the Channel System as a whole and it´s relationship with the physiology of the different biological systems in the human body. Clinical applications in different types of diseases will be discussed. The lecture will be illustrated by detailed explanation of several case studies from the lecturer´s own clinical practice.

Case studies included in this course to illustrate clinical application of San Jiao (Triple Warmer)

Case Case Study 1: Main complaint migraines since she was 20 years old. The pain is throbbing, bilateral and located in temporal area. Daily frequency
Diagnosis: Flaring up of liver-gallbladder fire  
Case Case Study 2: Main Complaint: pain in all four quadrants of her body, pain in small joints of hands and feet
Diagnosis: Ministerial fire deficiency, damp accumulation in Taiyin, stagnation on Shaoyang and Taiyang channels 
Western Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia    
Case Case Study 3: Main complaint: dyspepsia and acid regurgitation for one month 
Diagnosis: impaired Shaoyang dredging and draining, Yangming accumulation, Taiyin deficiency   
Case Case Study 4:  26 year old female • Main complaint: generalized body pain and continuous nausea and vomiting
Diagnosis: Shaoyin deficiency, Taiyin deficiency with damp-phlegm accumulation in all channels 
Western Diagnosis: Neurofibromatosis type 2
Clinical Case Study 5: Main complaint: lump in anterior aspect of the neck with difficulty swallowing, was immediately referred and diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the following weeks 
Diagnosis: Heat, Phlegm, Blood stagnation in Yangming Channels, hand Shaoyang channels. Taiyin deficiency with damp-phlegm accumulation. Kidney Yang deficiency. Liver blood stagnation  
Diagnosed: with Stage IV Papillary Thyroid Cancer  

This course was presented at the ICCM Conference. Pro D Seminars would like to thank the ICCM Conference for allowing us to host their lectures on our site.


  • General Nature and Function of Shào Yáng 少陽
  • San Jiao and Qi Transformation Within It
  • The Shape of the Triple Burner
  • The Role of Yuan Qi in the San Jiao
  • The Three Burners and Integrating Concepts
  • The Functions and Applications of the San Jiao
  • Case Studies
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Rodrigo Aranda is a medical doctor graduated from the prestigious University of Chile. After finishing his degree he moved to China where he spent several years studying Chinese Medicine in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and Tianjin University of Chinese Medicine. Later he continued travelling to China, United States and Europe to pursue further studies in different fields with renowned teachers. He also has completed the Medical Qigong Program in the International Institute of Medical Qigong.

In 2010 he was introduced to Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and begun his studies at the Applied Channel Theory Research Center in Beijing. On August 2013 he received the honor of being appointed Second Generation Apprentice of Dr. Wang Ju-Yi. Since 2010 he has been invited to the TCM Congress in Rothenberg in order to participate in the ETCMA School Leader´s Day. Also he has been invited as a guest lecturer to the TCM Congress in Athens in two occasions and to the latest version of the World Congress of Chinese Medicine organized by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies held in Barcelona in September 2015.

He is the co-founder of San Bao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Santiago, Chile. He´s devoted to teaching Applied Channel Theory and running a busy clinic in Santiago. He is also part of the Chilean National Acupuncture Commission and his actively involved in Chinese medicine legislation in his country.

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