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Preparing Clients for Birth with a TCM Toolkit

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Preparing Clients for Birth with a TCM Toolkit


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The 'Preparing for Birth with a TCM Toolkit' course prepares participants with the knowledge, training and practical skills to support women and their partners for birth using TCM tools during a clinic consultation:

  1. Preparation for birth - what TCM tools can be used.
  • Preparation for women and birth partners - using acupressure to optimise labour and birth preparation
  • Why pursue a normal physiological birth
  • Why acupressure works for labour and birth
  • Tui na massage techniques - adding value to the tools
  1. Safety and scope of practice when preparing for and attending births - what does the research say about safety of acupuncture, acupressure, massage and other non-pharmacological tools for birth?
  2. Adapting to medical presentations - how and when to use TCM tools when medical interventions are required, such as induction of labour
  3. Bringing it all together - how to prepare prospective parents in a 1 hour labour clinic consultation.

The course contains both theoretical and practical components designed to provide participants with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills. The practical and videoed components are structured to provide learning experiences, which complement the theoretical component, and assist participants to develop competency.

Goals and Outlines
By the end of the webinar, participants will have the ability to:

  • Determine how acupressure influences hormones;
  • Determine the scope of practice and safety profile for acupressure in labour and birth;
  • Manage medical interventions with TCM tools – adapting to the needs of the woman;
  • Determine how to best help and support parents in a 1 hour clinic consultation.
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    Dr Kate Levett has been working in health education, acupuncture practice and medical research for over 20 years. She is a specialist in acupuncture, research methods and education. She has qualifications in Education (B.Ed (HME) (Hons I) Univ.Sydney), a Masters degree in research (MPH (epidemiology) (with Merit) Univ. Sydney), an Advanced Diploma in Applied Science (Acupuncture) (AIAS), and bringing these skills together in her PhD from the NICM Research Institute at Western Sydney University. The subject of her PhD was in the development, delivery and evaluation of an antenatal education program, that used non-pharmacological pain relief methods to manage labour, such as acupressure, for the management of labour.

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