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The Treatment of Children using Classic Formulas

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The Treatment of Children using Classic Formulas


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This is a comprehensive course on the use of classic formulas for pediatrics. If you see children in your practices this course will give you skills and confidence to treat a wide range of children with a wide range of issues.

The primary strength of this course is in Dr. Huang’s integration of the type of child with the type of illness. We learn to understand, for example, which type of child with allergic purpura will respond well to Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Ban Xiao Hou Po Tang, Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang or Xiao Jian Zhong Tang. All of these formulas can be used to treat this illness while the key to success is differentiating the type of child. Dr. Huang’s course is practical, well organized and is based on Dr. Huang’s many years of direct clinical practice.

Each formula he teaches is brought to life with actual case studies from his clinic. He covers issues of safety, dosage, administration, dietary recommendations and length of treatment. You will come away with many essential tools for treating allergies, coughs, ADHD, insomnia, GI disorders, depression and/or anxiety in children, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, failure to thrive, asthma, fevers, phobias, bedwetting, epilepsy and much more.

  • Learn the three main pediatric formulas and their modifications
  • Learn the remaining 14 essential pediatric formulas plus Dr. Huang’s additional experiential formulas.
  • Develop confidence in working with a wide range of pediatric issues with safety and accuracy
  • Understand the body types associated with the classic formulas as they relate to children.

Dr. Huang teaches and practices classic formulas from the Shang Han Lun tradition in Nan Jing, China. Dr. Huang relies almost solely on classic formulas from the Shang Han Lun in his own busy practice in Nan Jing. His approach to diagnosis is based on body types.

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Course Reviews

I felt the course could have had some more case studies towards the end, and more discussion of the final 5-7 formulas. It felt rushed at the end. The information is so good it should not be rushed.
~ Anna

Dr Huang Huang is amazing as always as is translation!