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Vibrational Acupuncture: Integrating Tuning Forks with Needles

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Vibrational Acupuncture: Integrating Tuning Forks with Needles

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This innovative seminar presents materials from our recently published book, including practical techniques, based upon Chinese medicine theory, for integrating the use of Acutonics® Ohm precision calibrated tuning forks and acupuncture needles on the points and meridians of the face and body. Research confirms that the human body is comprised of 60-65% water. Sound, moreover, travels 4 times faster in water than in air. Therefore, healing sound is readily transmitted to the entire body by means of its skeletal structure and watery consistency, via the Kidney meridian. This allows healing vibrations to permeate the most profound level of essence – the Jing. Just as tuning forks represent the Water element, acupuncture needles, being more invasive, represent the Fire element. The synergy of these two modalities supports the immune system, prevents disease, and addresses the needs of sensitive, needle-phobic patients, as well as those who are suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) on both physical and psychospiritual levels. Participants will be introduced to treatment protocols, and vibrational theory from the book, as well as practical applications for the use of the combined treatment modalities.

Goals and Outlines
The participants will be introduced to:

  • An overview of Quantum Music Theory™: theoretical concepts behind the use of healing sound
  • Guidelines for using tuning forks, with, or without, needles
  • Insights into our genetic imprint and the Eight Extraordinary meridians
  • Anti-Exhaustion treatments with Source/Luo points for individuals caught in an excessively busy and discordant world
  • Treatments for sagging neck and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Unique acu-sound protocols:
  • a)Balancing the twin hemispheres of the brain
    b)Alchemically “lacing” the 3 Jiaos

  • An overview of sound healing as a palliative to global technological addiction, and how it restores essential harmony to a world that is seriously out of balance
  • Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, author of the book Constitutional Facial Acupuncture (Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2014) is internationally acknowledged as the leading authority on facial acupuncture. An author and teacher, she is a practitioner who has created innovative treatment protocols that emphasize a constitutional approach to this modality.

    Mary Elizabeth is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Zen Shiatsu practitioner and cranio-sacral therapist, and an opera singer. She has contributed significantly to raising awareness of facial acupuncture as a viable, holistic treatment modality.

    An opera singer, classical composer, pianist, astrologer, healer, diviner and writer, MichelAngelo was a presenter at the 2011 Conference of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM). An article on his system of Planetary Vibrational Medicine appeared in spring 2012 in the Wood issue of Oriental Medicine Journal.

    He has created a 3-part certification series in which he synergizes Western medical astrology with Oriental medicine theory and practice, introducing a variety of vibrational methods of remediation (gem elixirs, tuning forks) to address constitutional balance and imbalance as it is reflected in the Western natal chart and identified through other astrological diagnostic strategies

    MichelAngelo is a co-author, with sound healing pioneer Donna Carey, co-creator of the Acutonics® sound healing system, of the ground-breaking advanced level treatise, From Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine, to which he contributed information on the musical components of the Acutonics® system, as well extensive information on planetary archetypes and classical music.

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