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CEU / PDA / CPD Approved Online Courses

Safety in Acupuncture Therapy: Risk and Harms
Arya Nielsen PhD
4.00 CEU/PDAs
$99.99 USD
Image of Lorie Dechar
Lorie Dechar
3.00 CEU/PDAs
$75.00 USD
Image of Gil Barzilay
Gil Barzilay
6.00 CEU/PDAs
$150.00 USD
Image of Dr Olivia Krammer-Pojer
Olivia Krammer-Pojer
12.00 CEU/PDAs
$300.00 USD
A Spirit at Rest: Treating Sleep Disorders with Chinese Medicine
Yvonne Farrell
10.00 CEU/PDAs
$250.00 USD
Image of Daun Jeong
Daun Jeong
7.00 CEU/PDAs
$169.00 USD
Image of CT Holman
CT Holman
3.00 CEU/PDAs
$75.00 USD
Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine
Huang Huang
23.00 CEU/PDAs
$499.99 USD
Top 50 Drugs and their Herbal Alternatives
John Chen
8.00 CEU/PDAs
$195.00 USD
Treating Infertility with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels
Laura Erlich, Yvonne Farrell
14.00 CEU/PDAs
$350.00 USD
Treating Inflammation in Children Part One, Asthma and Eczema
Efrem Korngold, Stephen Cowan
4.00 CEU/PDAs
$99.00 USD
Image of Sharon Weizenbaum
Sharon Weizenbaum
13.00 CEU/PDAs
$325.00 USD
Treating Migraines with Auricular Medicine
David Maybee
4.00 CEU/PDAs
$99.95 USD
Image of Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, Image of MichelAngelo
Mary Elizabeth Wakefield and MichelAngelo
5.00 CEU/PDAs
$125.00 USD
Western Reproductive Endocrinology - The Complete Course‏
Paul Magarelli
12.00 CEU/PDAs
$299.95 USD