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5 Steps to building a successful fertility practice

Infertility is on the rise. Whether this is due to the trend towards later-in-life families­, environmental or physical factors, the fact remains that couples are increasingly seeking medical help in order to create a family.

We know that TCM and acupuncture can play an important role in treating the root causes of infertility in both men and women. The public is vaguely aware how Chinese medicine’s approach to preconception care can positively impact the health of their unborn child.

As a TCM/acupuncture practitioner, you already know this. But hanging a shingle on your door stating you treat infertility (or listing it on your website) isn’t enough. To build a thriving practice, you need to do some legwork that is guaranteed to pay you back ten fold.

As an acupuncture/TCM practitioner, you know how TCM preconception care can optimize one's fertility potential.  But hanging a shingle on your door stating you treat infertility (or listing it on your website) isn’t enough.

It takes continued effort and diligent studying to enjoy a successful and thriving fertility practice. Weekend warriors who take one 2-day course and claim to be experts in this area rarely succeed long term. 

Like anything of great value, it takes passion and continued effort to achieve success. But it is so worth it!  What a rewarding population to serve. You really do reap what you sow.

Here are five steps to building a successful TCM/acupuncture infertility practice:

Step 1 – Get educated

Deepen your own knowledge around the role of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in optimizing fertility and preventing miscarriages by continuously investing in continued education related to infertility. Keeping abreast of the latest treatments and studies (east and west) is something you must do for the entire life as a practitioner. It is important to develop your depth of knowledge and understanding of how Chinese medicine can support the infertile couples Jing and more importantly the health blue print of their unborn child.

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Step 2 – Effective communication & developing relationships with MDs

Learn the language and tools of infertility so you can communicate confidently with your clients and their medical doctors in a language they understand: strike a balance between science and healing. Pay particular attention to the emotional and spiritual side of infertility to help you connect with your patients. Infertility can be devastating to couples and healing is as much about the mind as it is about the body. Acupuncture can set the stage for success by readying the entire body for reproduction.

An excellent way to attract clients is through MD referrals. You need to be able to communicate the benefits of TCM/acupuncture to them without taking away from the important role the reproductive medical doctor (IVF clinic) plays in treating infertility. Acupuncture is a perfect complement to modern reproductive technology. When communicating to medical professionals you need to use “their language” and be able provide them with the studies to back up your claims. And where the research does not yet exists your ability to share the basic science behind why you can help go open many doors and build enough trust for them to refer their patients to you.

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Step 3 – Ancient medicine for modern diseases

After have a broad and general understanding of infertility from both a TCM and western perspective you will want to go deeper into treating specific conditions. Clinically, women will arrive in your clinic with a diagnosis of infertility related to another condition affecting their menstrual cycle. One of the fundamental rules in TCM when treating infertility is to regulate the cycle. So it is no surprise to practitioners of Chinese medicine that we need to address endometriosis (pain and irregular bleeding), PCOS (delayed or blocked menses), Fibroids (pain and heavy bleeding) and subclinical hypothyroid (unexplained infertility) to optimize their fertility and chances of healthy baby.

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Step 4 – Be the solution. Learn to treat what conventional medicine does not.

As women age, the number of available healthy viable eggs decreases. In the past, it was assumed that women with declining ovarian function could not get pregnant or should consider donor eggs. In fact, there are reversible factors other than aging implicated in premature fertility decline as well as strategies that can be used to improve ovarian function in women with advanced maternal age.

Many TCM practitioners have built very busy practices and so can you by learning how to treat women with low ovarian reserve and poor egg quality issues who are not interested in using donor eggs.

Below, we provide several resources to help you work confidently with this growing patient population and discuss how acupuncture & TCM can help common issues faced by women of advanced maternal age and repeated IVF failures.

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Step 5 Integrative fertility treatments: IVF and Acupuncture

The Paulus Protocol published in 2002 popularized acupuncture for in vitro fertilization (IVF) on the day of embryo transfer and thereby brought acupuncture into mainstream fertility clinics. Many women seek out acupuncture during an IVF cycle to increase their chance of success. It is difficult to operate a successful TCM fertility practice without understanding the IVF process from a western perspective as well as the ability to provide TCM support for the different IVF protocols (including FET and donor egg cycles) and during the different phases of these IVF cycles.

Your ability to increase blood flow to grown the endometrial lining and optimizing egg and sperm quality are important for the success of IVF cycle.

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One extra step to support you on your path to success

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