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Best of 2013 Acupuncture Continuing Education

best acupuncture classes online 2013

Here's your chance to access our most popular online recorded courses of 2013. They are guaranteed to deepen your knowledge, heighten your confidence and increase your practice success.  Check out the list of courses that your colleagues chose to study, fulfill their continuing education requirements, and deepen their TCM knowledge - ah, the love of learning. 

Top 15 courses of 2013 chosen by you:

1. Acupuncture during Pregnancy: Safe and Ethical  - By Claudia Citkovitz

NCCAOM, British Columbia (CTCMA) and Australia (AACMA) require 4 (CEU/PDA/CPD) hours in ethics (professional issues).  So it is no surprise that this was the most registered course in 2013.  Better to save time and money and fulfill your 4 hours of ethics online.  Plus, this course is very interesting and relevant for clinical practice if you treat pregnant women.

"Excellent course. Clear, concise. Claudia is a very engaging speaker. It's wonderful to have access to her knowledge and expertise from the other side of the world. Many Thanks!"  ~ Nadine

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2. Gu Syndrome: Unique Strategies for the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Parasites and Other Chronic Inflammatory Conditions - By Heiner Fruehauf

"Heiner has re-inspired me herbally, and given me an even deeper appreciation of the power of Chinese herbal medicine. Heiner is very well versed in the ins and outs of this subject matter, and communicates in a concise, clear, methodical and thorough manner. I believe that the information presented in this course will provide much food for thought for some time. This is a must do course for practitioners interested in difficult to treat, complicated internal patterns of chronic disharmony. I will *definitely* be attending more of Heiner's lectures."  ~ Caitlin

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3. Implantation to Birth: Acupuncture and Herbs to Support Better Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes - By Claudia Citkovitz, Debra Betts, Sarah Budd, Sharon Weizenbaum

How often do you get to learn from 4 seasoned FEMALE practitioners and their unique perspective in treating women during pregnancy?!   Can you imagine if you had to fly to see each one present (London England, New Jersey NY, Amherst MA and New Zealand)?  Lucky for you, it is online so you can sit back and take it all in from the comfort of your own home.

"Having multiple speakers was great. The class was action packed with info."  ~ Julie

"This is the first time I have done a Pro-D seminar/webinar for CEU's and I will definitely be back. This was a great use of my time, money, and energy as I learned so much relevant to my practice."  ~ Carla

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4. The Treatment of Infertility - The Complete Series - By Jane Lyttleton 

Year after year, Jane Lyttleton's Treatment of Infertility course is the top 5 most watched.  This year we updated two of her modules (PCOS module and Combining IVF with TCM module) plus we converted the course to our iPad friendly player.  This course was already great and not it just got even better.  It is a must watch if you treat any fertility patients. Check out the free preview.

"Wonderful course! I really like the way Jane tied Eastern and Western together since our clients all 'think in Western'."  ~ Cindy

"The addition of the updated IVF information makes this course current and valuable. Jane Lyttleton is an excellent teacher and shares knowledge from applying basic TCM principles in years of clinical practice as well as current research. Jane is dedicated, passionate, and curious in her approach to infertility and combining TCM with western medicine. Great course!"  ~ Barbara

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5. Treating Infertility with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels - By Yvonne Farrel & Laura Erlich

Yvonne and Laura's classes receive the most overwhelmingly positive reviews.  Everyone is blown away with the content and presentation style.  There is a free clip on the course info page.

"Best class I have taken, ever! So useful."  ~ Julie

"LOVED this course!!!!!!!! Was sooooo awesome, usefull, interesting."  ~ Jessica

"Treating Infertility with the Eight Extraordinary Vessels by Yvonne and Laura was my favorite continuing education class so far. I love what you are doing with Pro D. You have a lifetime client!" ~ J.

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6. Treating Complex Gynecological Conditions with Evidence-based Acupuncture - By Dr. Elisabet Stener Victorin

"Dr. Stener Vitorin shares the mechanism behind acupuncture in treating many gynaecological conditions.  Having the ability to communicate using this knowledge and language will earn you trust and referrals from medical doctors and science-minded patients.  Unless you are living back in the dark ages, you will benefit from knowing some of the current science behind the mechanism of acupuncture."  

"An excellent class. I am so glad that I took this course. More than anything, I found her explanation of the physiological effects of acupuncture in treating pain conditions to be very helpful."  ~ Leah

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7. The Fertility Patient and Thyroid Autoimmune Disease - By Leslie Oldershaw

Many fertility patients have either a diagnosed hypothyroid condition or present with subclinical hypothyroid.  It is often misdiagnosed as unexplained infertility and miscarriages.  After taking this course you will look like a star when you catch these cases and earn the trust of your patients. Plus you will help them have healthy babies!!

"Absolutely outstanding program! Bravo, Leslie!! " ~ Bernadine

"Leslie explained everything in depth, and made it practical for use in my clinic."  ~ Stacey

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8. Addressing the Root of all Disease: Secrets for Treating Digestive Disorders - By Heiner Fruehauf

Imbalances in the gut is the cause of many mental and physical illnesses.  Learn to treat the digestive system and you will have confidence treating many of the conditions that walk into your clinic.

"Great course. Very useful information to apply within my practice. It seems that every other new patient I get suffers from some sort of digestive issue so this information will really expand my toolbox!"  ~ Gloria

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9. Mystery Syndromes: Explaining and Treating Autoimmune Disorders with Chinese Medicine - By Heiner Fruehauf

Heiner Fruehauf has a few courses in our top 15 of 2013.  We suggest you take his five organ courses (SP, LV, HY, KD, LU).  The titles may not be attractive enough to make them to the top 15 list but take it from us,  these are the best of the best when it comes to Heiner.  If you master the material in these five courses and you can treat everything.  We will allow you to apply the 15%  off "flashsale" coupon code to Heiner's organ courses too.

"One of my favorite courses from Heiner. My internet connection was lost during live webinar, so had to re-take as recording. I stopped & re-listened to this information more than with any other courses. So much great information for lyme & other auto-immune conditions! Honestly, I can't believe how many times I returned to this recording & got the information I needed for current patients. Could have been a full day class, for sure."  ~Kellie

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10. Integrity in the Healing Relationship: Ethics for the Health Professionals - By Michael Gaeta

Another popular course for NCCAOM, British Columbia, Australia and Texas ethics CEU/PDA/CPD requirement for license.  The feedback was excellent.  Many were pleasantly surprised that this mandatory course was actually interesting and enjoyable to watch.

"This was an EXCELLENT course! I would highly recommend it to my colleagues. I love the spiritual approach. Michael Gaeta brings to an otherwise dry and daunting subject of ethics. There were many pearls in this course. It has prompted lots of self-reflection, given me validation in areas I feel I am already doing very well in, and given me suggestions as to which areas I might look a bit more closely at and improve in. Thank you for this     wonderful class!"  ~ Angie

"Excellent class. I was not bored to tears and so glad it was not a yawnfest! I would highly recommend his class for anyone having to fulfill this requirement. I took away many great things from this class and there were great reaffirmations of what I was already doing."  ~ EngKeat

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11. Clarifying Diagnosis - By Sharon Weizenbaum

The quality and success of your treatment plan is dependent on the accuracy of your diagnosis. This course will transform your practice.  If you are looking for increased confidence and clinical success take this course.

"Sharon's wisdom and insight were exactly what I needed to bridge the gap between my 4-yr education and the     applicability in a clinical setting.  Sharon's teachings are so wise and insightful. i felt energized by her view and     ability to incorporate the complexities of each case into the diagnosis and treatment plans."  ~ Emily

 "This course exceeded my expectation. It has clarified so much about the confusions I faced with regard to diagnosis."  ~ Gloria

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12. Strategies for Supporting Cancer Treatment with Chinese Herbs - By Heiner Fruehauf

"Excellent content. Uncomplicated delivery. Demystifies the topic. Is applicable and practical for clinical use." 

~ Monica

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13. Building Strong Acupuncture Referral Relationships with Medical Doctors - By Christian Nix

"The information was well presented. Christian is a dynamic, excited speaker and I look forward to taking more of his courses." ~Deborah

 "This was a great course- I especially appreciated the information on how to phrase things in a way that makes sense to MD's. The information on how to create a compelling presentation and how to get your foot in the door was very useful."

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14. Acupuncture strategies to dramatically improve IVF success - By Brandon Horn

"He was an excellent speaker and presented useful clinical information. He was very clear, articulate, and easy to follow. He had my full attention throughout the entire seminar."  ~ Sherri T

"This was great - so many pearls I could not believe it!  I'm definitely glad I took this course."

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15. Top 50 Drugs and their Herbal Alternatives - By Dr. John Chen

"This class is extremely valuable for clinical practice! Knowing the contraindications for drugs and herbs is very important!"  ~ Renee

" I love John Chen. Extremely knowledgeable and communicates effectively. Very practical approach to treating     with herbs vs drugs."  ~Cameron

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So... there you have it. The top 15 courses of 2013, chosen by you!


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