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Four areas that need more trained acupuncturists

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It feels good to be relevant and valued for the contributions you make to your community.

I have found my happiness and practice success by becoming skilled and knowledgeable at treating conditions where the general public's needs are NOT being met by main stream medicine.

Some say I have a crystal ball...

I was the first practitioner in Canada to specialize in treating infertility back in 2002.  And I was one of the first on the scene (2007) to offer online continuing education to acupuncturists. I was told that I would fail at both. 

'How can survive treating just infertility. It is too specialized,' I was told. 

And: "No one will want to learn online, you are wasting your time!'

Thankfully I followed my crystal ball and we see today that many practitioners advertise their desire to treat infertility. And, Pro D Seminars, although still the leader in offering online continuing education, is no longer the only online provider. (Feedback says our courses are still the most relevant to clinical practice and our speakers our leaders in the field of TCM.)

What do I see as the next niche for acupuncturists?   

I invite you to have a look into my crystal ball.

These are the areas that are currently being under-served that already have public demand. Success follows those who create value by filling a need for others. Translation: Become confident and knowledgeable at treating the following demographics/conditions:

In no particular order, here are the areas I see as the largest growth potential for TCM practitioners and the most rewarding in creating value: pediatricspregnancymenopause and dermatology.

If you specialize in one or more of these areas, you will build a waiting list in no time and you will feel fulfilled by creating value and meeting the needs for the general public.

Pregnancy is an easy one.  There many more women who are pregnant than infertile.  If you have become busy treating infertility, then think how much quicker you can build your practice supporting women during their pregnancy since the population is more than triple that of infertile women.  We have several online courses to help build your knowledge and confidence in the of pregnancy support. And these women are not sick in the medical sense. They are such a fun group to work with. 

Plus most women do not want to take drugs or cannot take drugs during pregnancy so acupuncture is a preferred natural approach compared to other modalities.

On Sunday November 10th we have a 6 CEU/PDA/CPD live webinar on using the 8 extra meridians for labour preparation and transition into parenthood

Remember Live webinars = Live CEUs for California (all 50 hrs can be fulfilled through live webinars) and Category A2 for British Columbia (CTCMA allows 44 of the 50 hours to be fulfilled through live webinars).

Menopause is an area where women are not satisfied with the conventional approach of HRT.  Too many side effects and life threatening risk factors.  These women are in their late 40's and beyond and are interested in taking a proactive and natural approach in their health.  They can afford the value you provide. If you became the go to menopause expert you will have women jumping on planes flying to see you.  This a very under-served demographic and they need the our help.

On Saturday November 9th Yvonne Farrell is teaching a live webinar on using the 8 extras for menopause.

Pediatrics. We will do anything for our kids.  And this is a demographic I think everyone wants to help.  I cannot think of a more rewarding area than to heal our future through helping kids. And many parents do not want to medicate their kids so TCM is such a great option.  If you had to pick just one area, this maybe my number one choice for what a new grad should focus their practice on.  The others are all close seconds.

We have a classical herbal pediatric class by Huang Huang plus we have two free TCM  pediatric webinars by Robin Green on Medigogy using TCM for kids. 

Robin is also offering a live webinar (PDA/CEU/CPD approved) on January 12&13, 2014 so save the date.


Skin conditions are a real motivator to seek out help, especially if the exposed skin is visible, such as on the face face, and extremities. Regardless, itchy skin is an incredible motivator. Another need that needs filling!  

The conventional approach for skin problems is to suppress the body's call for help and push it deeper in the organs of the body.  Hence the connection of pediatric eczema later developing into asthma.  Chinese medicine understands the Skin & Lung relationship.

Our pediatric classes have modules on dermatology for kids.  Look for courses in 2014 to help you develop knowledge and confidence at treating skin conditions in adults too.

And, if you are interested in becoming an expert on treating infertility (not mentioned in the four areas above, but a great practice area) check out my Blog post on How ABORM certification put me on the map as an Acupuncture Fertility Expert.

News about Yvonne Farrell and Laura Erlich

I am happy to share with you that Yvonne Farrell and Laura Erlich are back teaching for Pro D Seminars and have new material to supplement their infertility and pregnancy courses.  

Live Webinar - Saturday, November 9th, 2013
Menopause & The 8 Extras: Empowering Patients to Revel in Their "Second Spring"
Presented by Yvonne Farrell L.Ac (6 CEU/PDA/CPD)  Click here to register

Live Webinar - Sunday, November 10th, 2013
Labor Preparation & The 8 Extras: Supporting the Transition From Pregnancy to Parenthood Presented by Laura Erlich and Yvonne Farrell (6 CEU/PDA/CPD)  Click here to register

Remember, if the date and time conflicts, you can still receive immediate access to the recording if you register by November 9th & 10th respectively for each course. 

Live webinars = Live CEUs for California and Category A2 for British Columbia (CTCMA allows 40 of the 50 hours in as live webinars)

Read what others have to say who have taken classes from Yvonne and Laura:

I love Yvonne and Laura's teaching style - lots of information and clinical experience. The course was very comprehensive with everything from pre-conception to labor, delivery and post-partum.

~ Stephanie

The information presented here is extremely valuable. I only wish that I had learned it all in my initial training, before I became pregnant!

 ~ Brandy

As an acupuncturist & doula who has worked with pregnancy & birth for many years, and as a certified nurse-midwife student, this course was absolutely fantastic. It complements and enhances the information I've been using thus far in my career (most of which is based on the teachings of Debra Betts). Thank you so much for offering this course! The speakers were very well-versed in the topic and did a wonderful job of explaining the 8 Extra theory in relation to the Childbearing Cycle.

 ~ Gina M

I loved it! So much practical and wonderful information! I wish I had these two lovely and brilliant ladies on speed dial!

 ~ Tiffinie M

Loved, loved this course!! As a specialist in women's health, fertility and pregnancy I really enjoyed Laura and Yvonne's experience and pearls of knowledge to provide additional "tools" I can immediately use within my practice. Thankyou soo much for offering this recorded course. I definitely would have loved to attend this course live in person but unfortunately with twin infants I can't travel anytime soon.

 ~ Kelly Lee W

Loved this Course, Yvonne and Laura are my absolute favorite for courses!
Exceptional Information! Loved the structure of the medium. Video and Slides together throughout. Really engaging.


LOVED this course!! Laura Erlich and Yvonne Farrell were filled with knowledge and very generous sharing it. The course is filled with pearls and good practical information.

~ Catherine

Yvonne is one of the best instructors I have ever seen! Clear, interesting, knowledgeable, wonderful to listen to. She made the time go so fast, it never seemed as if I was sitting here for so long. I absolutely see myself applying what she taught me.

~ Kathleen

Onwards to patient health and client success,

Dr. Lorne Brown B.Sc., CA, Dr.TCM, FABORM, CHT
Pro D Seminars & Medigogy