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The Most Popular Continuing Educational Courses of 2017

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The 10 most popular online TCM / Functional Medicine courses of 2017.

These online courses can deepen your knowledge, heighten your confidence and increase your practice success.  Check out the list of courses that your colleagues chose to study, fulfill their continuing education requirements, and deepen their knowledge in 2017.
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Pro D Seminars' Most Popular Courses of 2017

1.  Ethics (ET), Safety (SA) and Professional issues 

NCCAOM requires 2 PDA in ET and 2 PDA in SA.  AACMA  and CTCMA require 4 hours in Professional Issues.  No surprise these were the most popular  courses again for 2017since they are mandatory.   The feedback was very positive, actually amazing.  These courses were the most popular baed on registration and are worth watching whether required or not by your regulatory body.  

"I was worried that a required safety/ethics course would be a waste of time, but this was very helpful and relevant. Thanks!" Rebecca

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2. Master Tung’s Essential Points for Gynecological Conditions - By Henry McCann

Master Tung's system of unique extra points is famous for its clinical efficacy, its simple needle techniques, and use of minimal points even in complex and chronic conditions. While most acupuncturists associated Tung’s acupuncture with pain management, it is equally effective in internal medicine, especially the management of women’s health.

Detailed descriptions of Master Tung's point locations, functions, and indications are covered in this course, as well as basic theory, needle technique, and clinical strategy.

'Great course! I've been hoping to attend a Tung Acupuncture course. It not only helped me with gynaecological conditions but various other problems that may also arise in my patients. Thanks! '~Taryn

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3. Advanced Acupuncture for Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression by Susie Hayes

As a conscientious Acupuncturist, it is imperative to consider the mental and emotional well-being of a patient to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Ancient medical texts from thousands of years ago insist upon an inextricable link between mental and physical health, giving tremendous importance to the Mental (Jing Shen) in physiology and all considerations of pathological prognoses.

You will receive a unique synthesis from the ancient medical texts, as clinically practiced, researched, and taught by Tran Viet Dzung, MD over the past several decades, a clinical approach that continues to be practiced by thousands of acupuncturists and doctors throughout the world. Reflecting his view of the integral nature of Jing Shen in health and illness, Dr. Tran is often heard noting that "the Mental is everything!"

"Excellent course, and Susie is a fantastic teacher. I look forward to taking more courses from her. I am excited to be able to put the knowledge I learned today into immediate use!" ~Laine

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4. The Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine - The Complete Series - By Jane Lyttleton

Year after year, Jane Lyttleton's Treatment of Infertility course is always in the top 5 most watched.  This course has been updated with PCOS and the module Combining IVF with TCM module, plus it has been converted to our iPad friendly player.  This course was already great and not it just got even better. It is a must watch if you treat any fertility patients.

"Wonderful course! I really like the way Jane tied Eastern and Western together since our clients all "think in Western".   ~ Cindy

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5. Key Aspects of Western Reproductive Medicine for CAM Practitioners - by Paul Magarelli

This is an excellent course to help you review for the exam as well as provide you with a working knowledge of reproductive medicine for the subfertile couple.

The courses involves steps for discerning the basics of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Medicine for Chinese medicine practitioners and naturopathic physicians. It also serves as a tool to help you prepare for the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine ( exam.  Each topic includes the current "State of the art" as well as the "controversies" inherent to any changes in a paradigm of care. Exhaustive illustrations as well as Bullet points to ensure participants understanding other key concepts are included.

Course will be available early January 2018 when conversion to our mobile player has been completed.


6. Neuropuncture by Michael Corradino

Neuropuncture combines Western neurophysiology and the holistic traditional TCM model. It creates treatment protocols that are evidence based and clinically reproducible and apply western medical sciences to the classical TCM module does not subtract from the efficacy of the “traditional” acupuncture system. It only amplifies and further explains the unique, powerful neuromodulating effects that can be scientifically understood and harnessed by Neuropuncture’s techniques. From depolarizing affected nerves, targeting specific receptors for the release of neuropeptides, to regulating dysfunctional autonomic reflexes.

"Great course, loved the topic and how it was presented with examples and videos and needling techniques. Would highly recommend it to all practitioners." ~Naghmeh

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7. The Disease of Our Time: Strategies for the Treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Other Emotional Disorders by Heiner Fruehauf  (Herbal Course)

This course takes a refreshing new look at the classical theory that underlies emotional disorders like anxiety and depression. Course materials provide participants with systematic ways to address these pathologies using herbs and classical emotional counseling techniques. 

In the course, Dr. Heiner Fruehauf shares his experiences of integrating a classical understanding of emotional disorders with more than twenty years of clinical experience. Participants will receive useful new insights and techniques for treating conditions rooted in emotional pathology.

"I absolutely loved this course. Heiner is incredibly profound and explains things so clearly. He is a true gem."
~ Jude B

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8. Gu Syndrome: Unique Strategies for the Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Parasites and Other Chronic Inflammatory Conditions by Heiner Fruehauf  (Herbal Course)

Prof. Fruehauf’s lecture will introduce the ancient Chinese medical concept of "Gu Syndrome," and underscore its outstanding clinical significance for the modern Chinese medicine practitioner. 

The presentation consists of an analysis of the mental and physical ramifications of "Gu" or "Rottenness Syndrome" as described in classical Chinese texts, a discussion of Gu cases treated by the presenter, and detailed clinical instructions for the herbal treatment of systemic funguses, parasites, viruses, spirochetes (especially Lyme Disease) and other hidden pathogens. In addition, the speaker will present related content from his research about the Wang Fengyi tradition of Five Element Emotional Healing (xingli liaobing).

"Heiner Freuhaf is an amazing and generous teacher. He has the perfect blend of academic and clinical experience. I really enjoy all of his classes." ~ Yvonne

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9. A Five Spirit Approach to Treating Shock and Trauma by Lorie Dechar

In this class, practitioners will learn about trauma and its effects on the body, mind and spirit. We will look at how the organism's response to overwhelming life experiences has a positive, life-preserving effect, yet over time can become debilitating and a cause of disease in itself.

I really loved this seminar. Lorie 's book The 5 Spirits is an absolute bible for me so it was wonderful to hear her lecture. I just can't believe I haven't attended workshops with her before (although I am in Australia!) ~ Keri

I found the webinar to be enlightening and gave some great, instantly usable ways to work with trauma in clinic. I am excited to begin exploring the use of essential oils in conjunction with the work I am doing. ~ Tanya

"very inspiring and informative! I look forward to more webinars with Lorie Dechar" ~ Chelsea

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10. How Chinese Herbal Medicine Enhances Fertility Potential in Patients Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (Auto-Immune Hypothyroid) by Gina Mortellaro-Gomez


This course includes Chinese herbal formulas, TCM theory, and functional medicine.

Part 1 - Diagnosing, Differentiating and Discussion of Treatment options for the 6 main Hypothyroid patterns and their impact on Female Fertility.

Part 2 - Hashimoto’s & Infertility



You have access to the quiz for 2 years to complete for CEU/PDA/CPD.


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** lifetime access = Course materials remain in your account beyond the 2 years as long as we can continue to support the recordings with future technology.


If your 2 years access has expired and you want to reactivate your course(s) or if your course(s) will be expiring soon then you can also apply for an additional 1 year extension to your quiz access to complete for CEU/PDA/CPD.

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So there you have it...

The Most Popular courses of 2017


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